Country Logic Puzzle - Pairs

This quiz is meant to be solved by logic reasoning only. No guessing is required.
You may want to start the quiz and enter your answers after you completely solved it:
deliberately, time is not enough to complete the quiz by guess and check

1) Country names and definition of continents as from Countries of the World Quiz.
2) Capitals as from World Capitals Quiz.
3) Country or capital length is measured counting only letters (excluding spaces and other punctuation marks).
4) "Connected" or "adjacent" in the grid means horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

RULES - First, identify the countries following the rules in Part 1. After you solved the first part, arrange the countries in the grid following the rules in Part 2.

PART 1 - Identifying the set of countries
1) All the countries in this quiz have the same initial letter of their capitals.
2) All countries begin with different initial letters.
3) There are two countries from each continent, with the exception of one continent which is NOT represented and one continent which is represented twice (4 countries).
4) If I declared which continent is represented twice and how many pairs of bordering countries there are, there would be only one set of countries satisfying the rules. (Note that you can deduce by yourself these pieces of information, in order to guarantee the uniqueness of the solution).

PART 2 - Arranging the countries in the grid
1) Any set of cells containing all the countries from the same continent is connected in the grid. In other words: if two countries are from the same continent, than you can move from one to the other in the grid through adjacent cells containing countries from the same continent (remember that adjacent means horizontally, vertically or diagonally).
2) In each row from left to right and in each column from top to bottom, the lenght of country names is non-decreasing.
3) There is a row in which the sum of capital lenghts is less than or equal to 30.

NOTE: for a much easier version, the continent represented twice is Africa and the number of pairs of bordering countries is 1. You may want to ignore this pieces of information, which are not required.

Quiz idea from the Country Logic Puzzles series by Scambigol!
First quiz in this series: Country Logic Puzzle - Europe
Please let me know if there is something wrong!
Quiz by ggem
Last updated: July 4, 2023
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Sao Tome and Principe
Sao Tome and Principe
Level 76
Jul 3, 2023
Nice. I think part 1 hint 4 might be worded differently? And maybe given that hint it should be explicitely said that parts 1 and 2 are ‘separate’
Level 74
Jul 4, 2023
Thank you, I clarified that the two parts are separated. However, I really don't know how to rewrite Part 1 Hint 4. I tried so many different approaches before submitting... the original one was something like "The continent represented twice is #@#@#@#@#. The number of pairs of bordering countries is #@#. Before these pieces of information were censored, there was only one solution. With this extra information, the set of countries is unique again!" ...I changed it because it didn't sound very clear, but maybe it was better...
Level 76
Jul 4, 2023
I'm not sure... but I think the bit in brackets creates more confusion because it suggests you could work it out yourself anyway?

Maybe something like "Note that the continent represented twice has been chosen so that the solution is unique if you also know the number of countries that border each other"? But I guess that's confusing, too...