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2,1402017-08-122016 Election-States that Donald Trump Won
3292017-01-02Countries Where Portuguese is the Official Language
3182016-12-152016 Election-States that Hillary Clinton Won
3102016-06-23Countries Where Italian is the Official Language
2282018-05-18Countries Where French is the Official Language
2182016-06-23Countries Where German is the Official Language
2002016-11-23Donald Trump States- State Primaries/Caucuses That He Won
1782016-06-08Bernie Sanders States- State Primaries/Caucuses That He Won
1602016-06-23Countries Where Arabic is the Official Language
1282016-04-03Country to Capital #1
1182016-06-08Hillary Clinton States- State Primaries/Caucuses That She Won
1112016-05-30Boroughs of New York City
1062017-11-11America's Got Talent Winners
982016-05-2721st Century Fast Typing
972017-11-22The Voice Coaches - U.S.
922016-04-18Birthstones by Month
902016-06-08Years of Grade School in 15 Seconds
902016-06-23Countries Where Spanish is the Official Language
832017-02-21Countries with More than One Time Zone
762017-04-04Ted Cruz States- State Primaries/Caucuses That He Won
742017-03-12Types of College Degrees
672017-06-05U.S. States with No Sales Tax
662017-11-22What Does It Stand For?
642016-05-23Country to Capital #2
642017-11-22NATO Countries
612016-05-28The 50 States
612017-04-11Country Size Fight with Largest Borders #1
562016-05-318 Characteristics of Life
532017-03-16Top 10 Methodist States (% of Pop.)
512017-03-17Random Geography #1
462017-11-22What Does It Stand For #2
462017-03-16Top 10 Methodist States (Largest Pop. #'s)
442016-05-22Top 20 Most Populated Cities in the World
432017-03-122016 Presidential Candidates- The Republicans
422016-06-01Months of the Year Spelled Backwards in 15 Seconds
422017-04-04Random Geography #2
412017-03-31Countries With Red, Green, and White On Their Flag
402016-04-27Phases of the Moon
342016-05-22Eastern Time Zone States
342017-07-04Countries With No Income Tax
332016-05-17Country to Capital #4
332020-05-24"The Voice" U.S. Version Winners
332016-05-22Pacific Time Zone States
322016-04-12Country to Capital #3
322016-05-22Mountain Time Zone States
312016-05-24States In Two Time Zones
312016-05-22Central Time Zone States
312016-04-23Canadian Provincial and Territorial Capitals
302016-05-30Celebrities Real Names
302016-04-12Song to Artist #1
302016-07-15Names of Generations
292017-07-31Country Size Fight with Largest Borders #2
262016-05-23Country to Capital #5
262016-05-302016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Names
222016-04-11American Idol Winners
222017-07-032016 Presidential Candidates- The Democrats
212016-05-24Days of the Week in 15 Seconds
212016-05-30Canadian Provinces and Territories
192016-04-11American Idol Runner- Up's [Second Place Finishers]
192016-05-30Ten Basic Cloud Types
182017-06-12Song to Artist #4
162016-05-31When Was It Invented?
152016-06-01Months of the Year Backwards in 15 Seconds
142016-05-31U.S. States/Territories That Haven't Adopted Common Core
142017-03-12The Highest Point in Each U.S. State
122016-04-2150 State Capitals
102017-03-12Song to Artist #3
92016-05-10Song to Artist #2