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Quiz by TheScienceNerd24
Last updated: April 3, 2016
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First submittedApril 3, 2016
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Largest planet in Solar System
Which moon of Mars is biggest?
For how long (yrs) is Neptune the farthest planet from the Sun?
What is the smallest planet known so far?
What is the largest known star?
UY Scuti
What is the name of the largest asteroid in the Solar System?
To the nearest hundred million years (eg. 7.8 billion yrs) how old is the Solar System?
What will happen in 100'000 AD?
VY Canis Majoris explodes
What will happen at 10^100 AD?
Death of Universe
What is the furthest object that can be seen with the naked eye?
Andromeda Galaxy
Can you see a black hole using a telescope?
In theory, can a human survive entry into a black hole?
What is the universe mainly composed of (approx 71.4%)?
Dark Energy
What is the point in the centre of a black hole called?
What is the name of the supermassive black hole that thought to be located at the Milky Way called?
Saggitarius A*
Level 77
Jul 4, 2017
I typed sagittarius A*, but it wasn't accepted.

OH, that's why - you spelled it wrong :P

It is spelled sagittarius. Can you please fix it? :)

Level 27
Jun 17, 2019
Should accept both "no" and "maybe" separately for a human surviving a black hole question.
Level 76
Jun 5, 2022
I immediately "1-starred" this when the first answer was an un-capitalized Jupiter...then you capitalized "No/Maybe"