Fallout 4 Unique weapons

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Last updated: June 30, 2017
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Potential reward for completing the quest Tradecraft (10mm pistol)
the Deliverer
Found during the quest Long Time Coming by the Ghoul Criminal (.44 pistol)
Eddie's Peace
Sold by Penny Fitzgerald in Covenant (Combat Shotgun)
Found during the quest Reunions on the body of your wife's killer (.44 pistol)
Kellogg's Pistol
Shotgun found in Libertalia in the captain's cabin (Combat Shotgun)
Le Fusil Terribles
Sold by Alexis Combes in Vault 81 (Combat Rifle)
Overseer's Guardian
Given to you by Barney in Salem good against Mirelurks (Hunting Sniper Rifle)
Reba II
Reward for the quest the Silver Shroud (Submachine Gun)
Silver Submachine Gun
Sold by Cricket has explosive bullets (Submachine Gun)
Spray n' Pray
Reward for solving the Vitale pumphouse number puzzle (.44 pistol)
The Gainer
Sold by Tinker Tom in the Railroad HQ (Hunting rifle)
Tinker Tom Special
Sold by Deb in Bunker Hill (10mm pistol)
Wastelander's Friend
Found in a random encouter on the corpse of an Alien
Alien Blaster pistol
Locked away in Vault 111
Sold by the Synth requisition officer in the Institute (Plasma rifle)
Experiment 18-A
Carried by Gunner leader Clint in Quincy
Good Intentions
Potential reward for the quest The Secret of Cabot House (Gamma Gun)
Lorenzo's Artifact
Sold by Arturo Rodriguez in Diamond City (Laser pistol)
Old Faithful
In a hidden room opened opened with a button in a safe (Laser rifle)
Prototype UP77 Limitless Potential
Reward for the quest Call to Arms with the BoS (Laser Rifle)
Righteous Authority
Sold by Teagan if you get promoted to Sentinal (Plasma Rifle)
Sentinel's Plasmacarter
Given to you by Paladin Brandis of the quest the Lost Patrol (Laser Rifle)
Survivor's Special
Sold by Ronnie Shaw at the Castle (Gauss Rifle)
The Last Minute
Carried by Virgil either kill him or steal it (Institute Rifle)
Virgil's Rifle
Given to you by Shaun after completing unmarked quests (Laser Rifle)
Wazer Wifle
Found in the Cabot House (Gamma Gun)
Zeta Gun
Reward for completing the Big Dig (Minigun)
Sold by Arturo Rodriguez in Diamond City (Fat Man)
Big Boy
Given to you by Captain Ironsides for the quest Last Voyage of the USS Constitution
Sold by Teagan if you get promoted to Paladin (Missile Launcher)
Death From Above
Carried by Elder Maxson (Gatling Laser)
Final Judgement
Located at ArcJet Systems can shoot Junk
Junk Jet
Sold by KL-E-0 in Goodneigbor (Missile Launcher)
Located at Jamaica Plain one of the Treasures (Baseball Bat)
2076 World Series Baseball bat
Found in the sewer of Walden Pond (Pipe Wrench)
Big Jim
Sold by Trudy at the Drumlin Diner (Chinese officer sword)
General Chao's Revenge
Inside Hubris Comics in a display case
Grognak's Axe
Found underwater at the bottom of the Dunwich Borers (Machete)
Kremvh's Tooth
Located in the Pickman Gallery (Combat Knife)
Pickman's Blade
Sold by a level 4 workshop merchant (Ripper)
Sold by Moe Cronin in Diamond City (Baseball Bat)
Rockville Slugger
Reward for the quest the Gilded Grasshopper (Revolutionary sword)
Shem Drowne sword
Saugus Ironworks reward for Out of Fire
Persuassion Check with General Zao
Zao's sword
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