NBA Multiple Choice (Hard)

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Quiz by Willovekill
Last updated: May 26, 2023
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1. Which 2 of these 8 NBA Teams from the 1954-1955 Season Have Never Relocated
Hawks & Pistons
Lakers & 76ers
Celtics & Knicks
Kings & Warriors
The Celtics and the Knicks are the only 2 NBA teams from the 1954-1955 NBA Season to have never been relocated.
2. How Many 3 pointers did Shaquille O'neal make in his Career
Shaq Made only one 3 pointer in his 19 year Career
3. What is Ray Allen's First Name
Ray Allen's Full Name is Walter Ray Allen Jr.
4. Which of these Players Never Won a championship
Clyde Drexler
Gary Payton
LaMarcus Aldridge
Gary Payton II
LaMarcus Aldridge played for 3 different teams in his 16 year long Career, but never managed to win a championship
5. Which NBA Player Waxed his Hands as a Pre-Game Ritual
Monta Ellis
Kyrie Irving
Rajon Rondo
Jason Terry
Monta Ellis had a torn ligament in his left ring finger and tried waxing his hand as a treatment, when he peeled the wax off he liked the smoothness of his skin, so it became a habit for him to do it before every game
6. Which of these is the Heaviest Player in NBA History
Sim Bhullar
Shaquille O'neal
Michael Sweetney
Oliver Miller
Oliver Miller is the Heaviest Player in NBA History weighing in at 375lbs or 170kg
7. Which NBA Player Holds the Record for the Longest Amount of Time with 1 NBA Team
Kobe Bryant
Dirk Nowitzki
Udonis Haslem
Tim Duncan
Dirk Nowitzki spent his 21 year long Career with the Dallas Mavericks
8. Who Holds the Record for the Most Turnovers in a Game
James Harden
Jason Kidd
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Chris Mullin
Jason Kidd Holds the Record with 14 turnovers in a Single Game
9. The "White Mamba" is the Nickname of Which NBA Player
Kobe Bryant
Larry Bird
Brian Scalabrine
Tyler Herro
Despite his limited playing time, Scalabrine became a popular player. Bulls fans referred to him as "The White Mamba", a play on Kobe Bryant's nickname of "The Black Mamba".
10. Which 2 NBA Greats were going to have a 1v1, but last minute they cancelled
Hakeem & Shaq
Jordan & K. Malone
Wilt & Kareem
LeBron & Durant
Shaquille O’Neal challenged Hakeem Olajuwon to a one-on-one for $1 million. Shaquille O’Neal was seemingly enraged at the fact that he got outplayed by Hakeem Olajuwon every step of the way in the 1995 NBA Finals. Hakeem agreed and the event was set up. Unfortunately, Hakeem withdrew from the contest a day before it was supposed to take place.
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