the good place quiz

100 question quiz about michael schur's comedy sitcom, "the good place." questions get progressively harder as you continue.
Quiz by tylerck
Last updated: January 10, 2024
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First submittedJanuary 8, 2024
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"A selfish a**"
Eleanor Shellstrop
"An idiot DJ"
Jason Mendoza
"A tortured academic"
Chidi Anagonye
"A hot, rich fraud"
Tahani Al-Jamil
This person thought they would torture each other.
Michael "Realman"
Not a robot or a girl.
Head of the Bad Place
Major demon of the Bad Place; is flicked away into the void.
What the false Good Place is called; Neighborhood _____
Neighborhood 12358W
The first Vicky false alias
Real Eleanor
The second Vicky false alias
This philosopher is related to a famous restaurant chain.
The main food of the false Good Place
Frozen yogurt
The man who correctly guessed how the afterlife works.
Doug Forcett
Tahani's rival and sibling.
Kamilah Al-Jamil
The unit of time in the afterlife
Jeremy Bearimy
The actor who plays Eleanor
Kristen Bell
The actor who plays Janet
D'Arcy Carden
The actor who plays Jason
Manny Jacinto
The actor who plays Chidi
William Jackson Harper
The actor who plays Michael
Ted Danson
What Janets get turned into via a form of retirement
Chidi's coworker and romantic partner, one of four test subjects in the second version of the neighborhood.
Simone Garnet
A self centered business owner, one of four test subjects in the second version of the neighborhood.
Brent Norwalk
A gossip writer obsessed with celebrity drama, one of four test subjects in the second version of the neighborhood.
John Wheaton
Eleanor's second soulmate; "I'm going to the gym."
Chris Baker
Jason's second soulmate; "..."
Another main source of food in the final reboot of the first neighborhood.
Clam chowder
How many known wives Jason had.
Created as a rebound by Janet.
Derek Hostetler
What served as the above's reprodutive organs.
The main resident of the Medium Place
Mindy St. Claire
Where Janets reside.
The ruler of all decisions in the universe.
Judge Hydrogen
What Jason believed to be the above.
a burrito
Chidi's friend with the boots.
What Eleanor expresses attraction to.
What Eleanor dropped, resulting in her death.
margarita mix
Jason's favorite player.
Blake Bortles
The old lady sent to the second fake Good Place as a trick, secretly a demon.
Linda Johannsen
How many points Brent had by the end of the testing.
Either one of the two songs playing at the end of the trashing of the first fake Good Place.
She Hates Me & Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer
A candy that was put into the chili pot.
Peeps & M&Ms
The movie that was recorded over and replaced with Eleanor and Chidi sleeping together.
Cannonball Run II
A comical shirt Chidi wore; "Who, what, when, where, ____!"
Where the group of Chidi, Simone, Eleanor, Jason, Tahani, and Trevor was located.
The name of the group above.
The Brainy Bunch
The group that went around trying to save other people from eternal damnation.
The Soul Squad
The name Michael gives to the humans due to his disdain for their species.
Team Cockroach
Tahani's spouse on Earth.
Larry Hemsworth
Where Chidi and Simone taught.
St. John's University
The gift Janet was supposed to give Jason when snowplowing.
Blake Beartles
The demon who replaced Vicky in torturing Chidi.
Eleanor's fake name that her mother stole.
Diana Tremaine
An animal used to torture humans during the early drafts of Good Place testing. Was made smaller and relatable.
Chainsaw bear
Crossroad of all dimensions, the pancakes eat you.
A demon posed as a civil rights activist. "Buzz off ___, don't need it."
Lava monster who, of course, has a light.
Amount of reboots in the original neighborhood.
What Chidi makes from a game of pictionary, has to be put down.
Daisy the Horse Blob
The food Tahani ate and tells to her parents.
Chidi's childhood friend.
What Chidi was rewarded with after explaining to his parents why they should not divorce.
A puppy
Chidi's idol, was depicted through a poster of Trinity from the Matrix.
Hypatia of Alexandria
A pastry that symbolizes Chidi's confidence.
Blueberry muffins
Jason's alias while sneaking into the Bad Place.
Jake Jortles
Who Chidi is mistaken to be.
The new scent of deodorant.
Where exhibits of torture and bad actions are shown.
The Museum of Human Misery
What gets Janets drunk.
The name of the item Pillboi and Donkey Doug attempt to sell.
Double Trouble
"You're such a suck up, ____" - Vicky
The demon whose dog is kicked into the sun.
The "Dress B****"
What Eleanor says after she and Chidi kiss.
Hot Diggity Dog
Tahani is her best friend but she isn't Tahani's.
Taylor Swift
The young man who advocates for the saving of the environment.
Who Michael pretends to be when caught with the portal to the afterlife.
Rick Justice
Who Janet pretends to be under the same context.
Lisa Fuqua
The officer who Jason tries to marry.
Officer K
What Chidi sees when sent through a wormhole.
Time Knife
Who Jason wants to have intercourse with and also be related to.
Arianna Grande
What should be captured and it's magic powers be used.
Magic Panda
What Chidi's childhood bullies claimed he'd never get.
The presidential tapes that were karaoked over.
Ronald Reagan
What Eleanor will bring to the baby shower for everyone to chew on.
Assortment of brownies
What Donkey Doug tells Jason to call him, but is seen as wack.
Donkey Dad
The dance crew Donkey Doug forms after leaving Dance Dance Resolution.
Hashtag DougLife
What Michael whispers to Janet.
Something something Vicky something something
What case Vicky could land if the first neighborhood is a success.
Jared from Subway
The freaky purple vibes of love. This thing is inside.
Marshmallow Cat
The reggae cover band of Taylor Swift, they're deeply terrible.
Taylor Splift
Where we're putting top priority files nowadays.
One of Brent's friends, "He's right, where is ___?"
The muppet Eleanor finds endearing.
Sam the Eagle
The giant worm thing in the Bad Place. "Lose some weight?" "Hah! I wish!"
What is in season and as many as possible should be put into your tote bag.
The possible first bad place inhabitant. He lost 1,000,000 points.
A member of Dance Dance Resolution who is turned down from doing crime against previous members.
Lil Peanut
Giant mini donuts, not just regular donuts. He will explain.
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