Quizzes by Seabra

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Seabra.
# of Quizzes 45
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Times taken 1,570
Quizmaker Rank # 8,376
3212024-03-14Brooklyn 99 Trivia
1652024-03-07Brooklyn 99 Characters By Clue
882024-03-31Brooklyn 99 Characters By Picture
802023-06-07"I Am Groot" in different languages
792023-06-22Dogs Multiple Choice
562023-07-26Guess The Sport By Picture
542024-03-07Minecraft Trivia
512024-04-16Countries by Borders in 100 Seconds
492024-03-07Unscramble Words
372023-07-14Who Was Born In ------ Is Called
362024-03-17Guess The Secret Word ( Potato )
352023-06-14Roman Numbers
332023-07-27Flags To Capitals
332024-04-06Brooklyn 99 Heist Trivia
292023-06-14Flags That Look Alike
282023-06-07Colours Of The Rubix Cube
252024-03-21Random Logos
252024-04-13Dogs Multiple Choice 2
252024-03-14The Eleven Main Colours
232023-06-21Animals Sounds
212024-03-17US Presidents That Were Assassinated
202023-07-28Flags That Are Red And White Only
192023-06-23Colors Of The Rainbow
182024-04-15Words That Rhyme With...
172023-07-26Countries That Border Brazil
172024-03-07Minecraft Ores
172024-03-07Guess The Minecraft Mob
162023-08-11Minecraft Wood Types
162024-03-07Minecraft True Or False
132023-05-31A -To -Z In 15 seconds
132024-04-17European Map Quiz
132023-07-29Countries of Asia
102023-06-15Flags Of South America Countries (Brick Way)
102023-08-15Twelve Days Of Christmas Quiz
102023-07-28Countries of Oceania
82024-04-16Every Flag In The World
72023-06-22NBA Teams
62023-06-19Countries Of The World
52023-06-15Brazil States
42024-04-17African Map Quiz
42024-04-201 to 100 In 1 minute
42024-03-07Portuguese Translator
42024-03-07Dogs In the Family