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95,9072020-03-05 Countries that End in L
13,9762023-04-13 Friends - Finish the Quote
10,3482019-11-13 Most Common Last Names in Sweden
2,7732017-11-17ABBA - The winner takes it all - Lyrics
1,1832016-10-28The Police - Every breath you take - Lyrics
1,1832018-03-04Most corrupt countries in Europe
9352018-03-0425 Worst Cities in USA to Live in
8802017-01-02Elton John - Tiny Dancer - Lyrics
8712018-03-04Turkish diaspora
8702017-11-16Most popular baby girl names in Sweden
7942016-05-10Donald Trump - Quotes
7602018-03-043 Most Populated Countries per Letter
7272017-11-16Most popular baby boy names in Sweden
6172016-11-08Smelly cat - Friends - Lyrics
4642018-02-16ABBA - Knowing me, Knowing you - Lyics
4422017-10-12Country decoder
3572018-03-05Most lutheran countries
2972016-11-13TV series with the most Emmy Awards
2792016-10-07Australia Decoder
2792016-10-12Italy Decoder
2762017-04-22Polish Diaspora
2452016-11-27Top Countries in Cross Country Skiing - Olympics
2392016-10-09France Decoder
2312018-02-03Germany Decoder
2252016-10-08Ireland Decoder
2012017-12-11Most common male first names in USA A-Z
1892018-03-04European countries ending with a consonant
1842018-03-043 Smallest Countries per Letter
1762018-04-30Largest wild cats
1642018-03-04African countries ending with a consonant
1632016-11-14Most common female first names in USA A-Z
1612016-11-15Largest wild dogs
1592016-11-12African countries without an A
1542016-11-09Capital City Anagrams
1522016-11-17Fawlty Towers - Finish the quote
1512018-03-0610 Worst US States to Live in - 2016
1422018-03-0610 Best US States to Live in - 2016
1412018-03-10European Capitals Without Repeated Letters
1332017-01-04ABBA - Happy New Year - Lyrics
1322017-01-28Countries ending with R
1292017-10-14Countries in Europe Never Visited by an US President
1192018-03-10Asian countries ending with a vowel
1192016-11-02Countries with Euro as currency that are not members in EU
1162016-11-11Countries by number of medical schools
1142016-11-26Countries - Tourism Slogans
1132016-11-06European countries ending with a vowel
1102016-11-01Keeping up appearances - Quotes
1082016-11-08Most common last names in USA A-Z
1022018-03-04Countries with P
972016-11-21Countries with the most precipitation by continent
972018-03-10Countries with TH in their name
962017-07-13Calvin and Hobbes- Finish the quote
952016-12-03Countries With Spears on Their Flags
942016-11-20Most Muslim Countries A-Z
922016-11-15Most populated European cities A-Z
922016-12-033 Least Populated Countries per Letter
862016-11-15Biggest cities in the Americas A-Z
772016-11-12Disney movies in different languages
762016-05-13Countries by ice cream consumption per capita
762016-10-23Countries with MO in their name
742016-10-20Countries with UR in their name
732016-10-16Most common letter-combinations in country names
712016-10-25Countries with ST in their name
702016-10-14Countries with NI in their name
702017-10-14Countries in Asia Never Visited by an US President
692016-10-26Countries with AM in their name
692016-10-30Countries with unique letter combinations in their name #2
682017-11-03Least Guessed Countries A-Z
662016-10-24Countries with IS in their name
662016-10-17Countries with TI in their name
642016-05-13Countries by highest amount of teenage brides or grooms
622016-11-12Countries with American military cemetery
602016-10-14Countries with BA in their name
592016-10-14Countries with IT in their name
592016-11-08Countries with TA i their name
592016-10-19Countries with ER in their name
582016-10-25Countries with EN in their name
582016-11-18Most corrupt countries in the Americas
572016-12-04Least Densely Populated Countries A-Z
572016-10-17Countries with RE in their name
572016-11-21Countries with the least precipitation by continent
562017-05-30Countries First Visited by a US President
552016-10-19Countries with CA in their name
552016-10-20Countries with OR in their name
522016-10-23Countries with OM in their name
512016-10-17Countries with RA in their name
512016-10-25Countries with IC in their name
512016-10-22Countries with DO in their name
502016-12-10States With the Highest Homicide Rates
492016-10-20Countries with ES in their name
492016-12-02One vowel presidents
482016-11-07Least corrupt countries in Africa
482016-10-15Countries with NE in their name
482016-10-17Countries with ON in their name
482016-10-21Countries with UA in their name
472016-10-22Countries with GU in their name
472018-03-04Asian Capitals Without Repeated Letters
452017-10-14Countries in the Americas Never Visited by an US President
452016-10-26Countries with LI in their name
452016-10-15Countries with AD in their name
442016-11-20Most Christian Countries A-Z
442016-10-25Countries with NA in their name
442016-10-21Countries with AT in their name
422016-10-24Countries with DA in their name
422016-10-30Countries with unique letter combinations in their name #1
422016-12-10States With the Lowest Homicide Rates
392016-10-14Countries with GA in their name
382016-05-14Countries with the most strikes
382017-04-23Top 10 Hazelnut Producing Countries
362017-10-14Countries in Africa Visited by an US President
362016-11-18Most christian countries with exception
332016-10-30Countries with unique letter combinations in their name #3