Embarrassing Chapters in German History

Guess these people, places, and things in German history that the country would probably rather forget.
Quiz by Gassu
Last updated: October 5, 2018
First submittedSeptember 14, 2018
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Israelis are kidnapped and killed during the Olympics in this city
This country is annexed in the Anschluss
During the German Autumn, this far-left organization is feared a lot
Red Army Faction
This city is divided for 28 years
He asks: Do you want total war?
Joseph Goebbels
The Nazis built this type of camp in the city of Auschwitz
Concentration camp
People are pressed to death during this music festival in Duisburg
Love Parade
This luxury liner is bombed by a German U-boot off the Irish coast in 1915
RMS Lusitania
More than 40% of the German population dies in this 17th century conflict
Thirty Years' War
During Nazi times, this race of fair-haired and light-eyed people was favoured
This people group is targeted in the Reichskristallnacht of 1938
Germany, as the current champion, fails to qualify for the round of 16 in this sports event
World Cup 2018
On September 1, 1939, Germany invades this country
January 30, 1933: This former painter is appointed chancellor of the German Reich
Adolf Hitler
When ordering this East German car, people often had to wait for years to get it
Three jets collide on this U.S. air base
500,000 Germans die in the 1916 battle of this French river
Battle of the Somme
While giving his "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech, curtains cover the
view of this president towards East Germany
John F. Kennedy
This word, meaning lightning, has a negative connotation in almost every language
He states: "Nobody has the intention of building a wall"
Walter Ulbricht
This state is forced to accept the basic law
This zeppelin caught fire in New Jersey
Level 78
Sep 30, 2018
"Faction", not "Fraction".
Level 84
Oct 4, 2018
Pretty tough! I missed 7, though I would have gotten Rammstein if it was spelled the same way as the band.
Level 84
Oct 4, 2018
Also pretty surprised there's nothing about the Holocaust other than Auschwitz. Is that too obvious? Maybe something about Mengele (so much to choose from), Goebbels for his pioneering work in propaganda, or the genocides in Namibia.
Level 71
Oct 5, 2018
Replaced the three least-guessed answers
Level 74
Nov 4, 2018
I would also advocate on behalf of a question regarding Germanys colonial past. Maybe you could fit in the Genocide on Herero and Nama, or the Panthersprung?
Level 52
Oct 7, 2018
I have a history degree, I speak fluent German, and I have lived in Bavaria for many years, but what on earth is "basic law"?? Also the comment that Blitz has a negative connotation in many languages made me NOT guess this one, as I speak many languages and in most of them (apart form German and English) this is not necessarily the case.
Level 71
Oct 7, 2018
The basic law (German: Grundgesetz) is the constitution of Germany. It was introduced in 1949, but needed a 2/3 majority. The Bavarians voted against the law (not Christian enough (CSU party)), but were in the minority. Because of that, the Grundgesetz is nowadays the law in Bavaria, although they never accepted it. An interesting part of the Grundgesetz states: States can‘t leave the Federal Republic. Bavarian independence supporters argue that this doesn‘t affect them because they never accepted the basic law.
Level 80
Apr 17, 2020
Lol you could argue for half of the world that they didn't accept certain law. Very few things came into force by consensus.
Level 49
Jan 21, 2021
never heard someone translating the grundgesetz into basic law
Level 49
Jan 21, 2021
auschwitz wasnt a concentration camp it was an extermination camp ("Vernichtungslager")
Level 39
Jun 1, 2022
It was both, but because the camps are officially called concentration camps, the answer is correct.