Name a Valid Answer - History

Name any answer that fulfills this historical condition.
Answer must correspond to the yellow box
Quiz by Gassu
Last updated: February 9, 2019
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First submittedFebruary 9, 2019
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Assassinated U.S. Presidents
Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy
Nation that controlled Malta at one time
Malta, British Empire, France, ...
Cradles of civilization
Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, ...
Major Pre-Columbian states in the Americas
Aztecs, Maya, Olmecs, Inca Empire
Thirteen Colonies
Virginia, Massachusetts, Georgia, ...
United States capitals
Washington, Philadelphia, New York, ...
Gunpowder plotters
Guy Fawkes, Robert Catesby, ...
Founding members of the European Union
Germany, France, Italy, ...
Members that left the Commonwealth
Ireland, Maldives, Zimbabwe
Four great Chinese inventions
Compass, Gunpowder, Printing, ...
American Founding Fathers
Washington, Jefferson, Adams, ...
Major Central Powers in WWI
Germany, Austria-Hungary, ...
First three Roman emperors
Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula
Three Bs of classical music
Beethoven, Brahms, Bach
Foreign-born First Ladies of the US
Louisa Adams, Melania Trump
Presidents of the Russian Federation
Yeltsin, Putin, Medvedev
Parties to have produced a British Prime Minister
Conservatives, Labour, Whig, ...
Kingdoms which formed England
Wessex, Sussex, Mercia, ...
Columbus's ships
La Pinta, La Niña, La Santa María
First to have reached the summit of Mt. Everest
Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay
Level 74
Apr 16, 2019
Good idea, and I hope this gets featured soon!
Level 57
May 2, 2019
Philadelphia is not a state capital. The state capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg. Also, you should accept "JFK" for the first one and just "Melania" for the question about first ladies.
Level 71
May 15, 2019
United States capitals refers to national capitals in history
Level 24
Sep 9, 2020
then reword the question
Level 68
Sep 13, 2021
I am not sure if the question has been reworded since you wrote this, but I think "United States capitals" is correct. "United States state capitals" would refer to the individual states' capitals.
Level 83
Jan 24, 2022
It is correct, but I also misinterpreted it as capitals in the United States (state capitals). It could be worded better to avoid that confusion.
Level 57
Jan 28, 2022
Maybe reword it to (former and current capitals of the US)
Level 67
May 8, 2022
"Capitals of the United States" is the clearest. I figured it out, but my first guess was a state capital.
Level 72
Nov 16, 2020
+1 for JFK to be accepted as a type-in for Kennedy. It's widely used on this website.
Level 50
Aug 22, 2019
Pakistan left the Commonwealth (in 1972) but rejoined 17 years later. Since the question just says "Members that left the Commonwealth", which it did, I propose that Pakistan is a valid answer. South Africa also left and then returned.
Level 19
Oct 28, 2019
the ships could be wooden???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? cows x
Level 78
Aug 2, 2020
Pretty decent quiz, I have nominated it. Some others could perhaps be considered for the one about major pre-columbian states, such as the Zapotec civilisation, maybe Teotihuacan and the Wari.
Level 84
Sep 9, 2020
Commonwealth of what?
Level 54
Feb 10, 2021
Quite. Equally: United States of what?
Level 47
Dec 11, 2021
Definitely the United Mexican States. Surprised Mexico city wasn't a valid answer.
Level 72
Feb 17, 2021
Accept Octavian for Augustus.
Level 68
Sep 13, 2021
Good quiz. I was suprised by the first ladies. Since most of the first presidents were foreign-born, I thought the same would surely be true of their wives. However, Louisa Adams was indeed the first and the only one before Melania Trump.
Level 67
Jan 24, 2022
They were born in the territory that became the US. The US just wasn't a country yet.
Level 64
Jan 24, 2022
Who wanna leave the commonwealth?

Barbados has entered the chat.

Level 83
Jan 24, 2022
Barbados doesn't want to leave the Commonwealth. Wanting to be a republic does not mean wanting to leave a beneficial alliance. I would very much like my country to become a republic and remain in the Commonwealth of Nations.
Level 50
Apr 3, 2022
Maybe you could accept JFK for Kennedy?!
Level 83
Jul 18, 2022
It will never happen.
Level 56
Aug 15, 2022
I interpreted, "Assassinated U.S. Presidents", as "Name someone who assassinated a US president". IMO it should be changed.
Level 56
Dec 16, 2022
Why is New York accepted as a state capital but not Albany or Sacramento