The 3rd and 4th Century BC Quiz

Based on the clues, guess these notable facts from the years 400 BC - 201 BC
As we go further back in time, sources become less reliable and mythology gains importance. Sometimes we only have one source. Nevertheless, I tried to make this quiz as much historically complete as I could
Quiz by Gassu
Last updated: September 7, 2018
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c. 206 BC
This huge fortification - of which some still believe it's visible from the moon - is built
Great Wall of China
210 BC
This first Chinese Emperor dies
Qin Shi Huang
218 BC
Hannibal famously crosses this mountain range with his elephants
the Alps
c. 220 BC
These famous sculptures are erected in Xi'an, China
Terracotta Army
223 BC
The Romans cross this Northern Italian river for the first time
226 BC
This wonder of the Ancient World collapses after an earthquake
Colossus of Rhodes
227 BC
This island becomes the first Roman province
245 BC
This man of learning, known for "inventing" the discipline of geography,
becomes the chief librarian at the Library of Alexandria
c. 250 BC
Celts start to build this city on an island in the River Seine
264 BC
Rome vs. Carthage, Act I
First Punic War
264 BC
These combatants entertain the Roman crowds for the first time
268 BC
This "great" ruler of the Indian Maurya dynasty is coronated
(he belongs to the most important people ever, according to Michael H. Hart)
Ashoka the Great
c. 280 BC
The lighthouse (or Pharos) of this city is constructed
c. 300 BC
This Greek "father of geometry" dies
312 BC
These Roman watercourses (used to bring water to Rome) are built for the first time
323 BC
This "great" Macedon leader and conquerer of Persia dies in Babylon
Alexander the Great
c. 360 BC
Plato reports about this mystical and sunken island
365 BC
This form of fine art is played for the first time in Rome
(Hint: buildings are semicircular)
384 BC
This Greek philosopher is born
399 BC
Socrates is sentenced to death by doing this
Drinking hemlock
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These quizzes are superb.
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