The 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Century BC

Based on the clues, can you guess these notable facts from the years 1000 BC–601 BC?
Many of these events are legendary or quasi-legendary. We report them uncritically, and urge you to visit Wikipedia to learn more about their historical accuracy.
Quiz by Gassu
Last updated: September 2, 2023
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612 BC
Nineveh, the capital of this empire, is sacked by the Babylonians and others
660 BC
According to legend, Jimmu becomes the first emperor of this country.
Today, we are on emperor #126.
667 BC
This city on the Golden Horn is founded by Greek colonists
c. 600s BC
These circular metal objects are invented in the kingdom of Lydia
753 BC
Romulus founds this city on the Tiber River
754 BC
Greek settlers found this city, the oldest in France
763 BC
This type of celestial event is recorded in the Middle East, allowing modern
historians to date other events during that period
Solar eclipse
771 BC
In this river basin, the Western Zhou dynasty ends and the Eastern Zhou begins
Yellow River
774 BC
This country is conquered by Nubians, who found the 25th dynasty
776 BC
This sporting competition is held for the first time
Olympic games
c. 700s BC
This blind poet composes the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey"
c. 800 BC
Lycurgus reforms the laws of this Greek city: emphasizing equality,
austerity, and military fitness
814 BC
Queen Dido founds this city near modern-day Tunis
831 BC
Pygmalion begins his 46 year reign as king of this Phoenician city in
modern-day Lebanon
c. 800s BC
The earliest of the Upanishads are written in this language
c. 900s BC
Solomon starts the construction of this building in Jerusalem
First Temple
c. 970 BC
This king of Israel dies and is succeeded by his son Solomon
Level 77
Sep 2, 2023
I understand generally putting the unknown dates at the end of centuries, but surely we can assume Solomon started building the temple after he became king?
Level 82
Sep 3, 2023
970 he became king, 900 built the temple, it looks ok (now at least)
Level ∞
Sep 3, 2023
900s with an s. Not 900.
Level 82
Sep 5, 2023
Since it's BC, 970 would come before 900, so it works as is
Level 80
Sep 3, 2023
Fun quiz! Just one small nitpick: the "G" in "Olympic Games" should be capitalized.
Level 66
Nov 4, 2023
Could Tyrus be accepted for Tyre?
Level 68
Nov 4, 2023
It should be BCE not BC.
Level ∞
Nov 4, 2023
No. We're a trivia website that uses common terms and tries to resist academic purity spirals.
Level 68
Nov 8, 2023
"Academic purity spiral" - are you okay, Quizmaster?
Level 60
Nov 6, 2023
Could you accept syzygy for eclipse? Every eclipse is a syzygy. (This is quite esoteric, but I feel like the same goes for the quiz.)
Level 43
Feb 14, 2024
I would like the circular metal object clue to be different. I was thinking of a more tangible functional object as opposed to something that was representational. I suppose many people got that answer but from the clue I did not.