South Park episode by description

This quiz includes swearing and sexual references and should not be taken by children under the age of 13
Quiz by Moodapenkin
Last updated: February 11, 2024
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First submittedFebruary 11, 2024
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The first one
Cartman gets an Anal Probe
Kanye is a gay fish
kim is NOT a hobbit
The Hobbit
Stan is the leader of scientology
Trapped in the Closet
The boys go to Costa Rica
Rainforest Shmainforest
Clyde has lice
Lice Capades
The boys join "ISIS"
Naughty Ninjas
Tom Cruise wants Muhammed
They got censored
The Mighty Ducks parody
Stanley's Cup
Everyone but Kyle is metrosexual
South Park is Gay
The town scares the "rich" people away
Here Comes the Neighborhood
Mrs. Garrison Kills an egg
Follow that Egg!
They go to Nebraska
Merry Christmas Charlie Mansion
Ike gets deported
Its Christmas in Canada
It was all on the Oculus
Grounded Vindaloop
Lu Kim fights the Mongolians
Child Abduction isnt Funny
Found footage parody
Craig kills a hamster
Pandemic 2
Cartman farts in Kyle's mouth
Ginger Cow
Kenny gets a girlfriend
The Ring
Randy goes to China
Band in China
Objectively the worst one
Butters is Hawaiian
Going Native
PC people draw a penis on Kyle
Stunning and Brave
North Korea tests a nuke over Tweek's house
Put it Down
Jimmy has a boner
Erection Day
Jesus dies in Iraq
Red Sleigh Down
Persians fight the Lesbains
Randy says the N-Word
With Apologies to Jesse Jackson
Prince Harry wants privacy
Worldwide Privacy Tour
Randy can't admit he's old
Your Getting Old
Cartman shoves burgers up his ass
Ass Burgers
They get really fat
Make Love not Warcraft
Butters and Tolkien see a porno
The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers
Cartman feeds someone their parents
Scott Tenorman must Die
Cartman hates Family Guy
Cartoon Wars
Kenny throws a ninja star in Buttes eye
Good Times With Weapons
Kyle talks to Abraham Lincoln
The List
Cesar Milan puts Cartman on a leash
Tolkien can play the bass
Christian Hard Rock
Tweek and Craig are gay
Tweek X Craig
Heidi dumps Cartman
Doubling Down
Kenny betrays the Xbox
Black Friday
Randy fights Batdad
The Losing Edge
The President is in the woods
Splatty Tomato
Stan learns the importance of voting
Douche and Turd
Harrison Yates arrests a pimp in Switzerland
Butters Bottom Bitch
Steven Seagal is inscure
Safe Space
The Mexicans start to go back
Last of the Meheecans
Timmy adopts a Turkey
Helen Keller the Musical
Chef teaches everyone the right age for sex ed
Proper Condom Use
Lesley is an ad
Sponsored Content
Kenny partakes on Chicken Fights
Cock Magic
Randy is Lorde
The Cissy
Sharon gets a shake weight
Cream Fraiche
Kyle turns into Sheila
Al Gore wants attention
Al Gore was right
Time to get Cereal
Bin Laden helps South Park
Its a Jersey Thing
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