U.S. Geography Trivia

Answer these questions about U.S. geography. The questions vary in difficulty; some are very simple and others are much harder!
Quiz by MyMindWentBlank
Last updated: October 15, 2016
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Highest mountain
Lowest point by elevation
Badwater Basin
Longest river
Longest mountain range in the U.S, second longest in the world
Rocky Mountains
Biggest city (population)
New York City
Biggest city (area)
Sitka, AK
Most populous state
Most densely populated state
New Jersey
Smallest state
Rhode Island
Southernmost state
Easternmost state
First national park
Yellowstone National Park
Largest national park
Wrangell - St. Elias National Park
Most visited tourist location
Times Square
The most common name for cities and towns; there are 88 of them
The longest interstate highway (over 3,000 miles long)
Largest lake entirely within the borders of the U.S.
Lake Michigan
Largest alpine lake in North America
Lake Tahoe
Large desert area encompassing much of Nevada, Utah, and parts of other states
Great Basin
The Four Corners states
New Mexico
City whose metropolitan area contains more people than the state the city is located in
Providence, RI
Two cities by the same name that are often confused as being one city
Kansas City
This state's highest elevation is only 345 feet - lower than any other state
This state's lowest elevation is 3,317 feet - higher than any other state
The busiest airport in the U.S; also the busiest in the world
Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
The "Twin Cities"
Saint Paul
Amusement park with 17 roller coasters, the most in the country
Cedar Point
First successful colony settled by Europeans
Famous Civil War battlefield in Pennsylvania
Location of the first successful Wright Brothers airplane flight
Kitty Hawk
City in Virginia by the same name as the famous "Lost Colony"
National monument in New Mexico occasionally closed due to missile testing
White Sands National Monument
Level 95
Oct 15, 2016
Easternmost state??? You might want to check that answer (or change the question).
Level 71
Oct 15, 2016
Would like to show off now by pointing out that particular state is in fact the easternmost state because part of its territory crosses the International Date Line :-) Cool quiz.
Level 61
Oct 15, 2016
Close - Alaska is entirely west of the International Date Line, which doesn't conform to the 180th parallel. However, HelveticaBold, you had the right idea, it's just that there's a slight distinction between the Date Line and the 180th parallel. You can see how the Date Line bends here: https://www.google.com/maps/@58.7741266,-172.1389635,3z But I included this question specifically to trip people up thinking it was Maine, so good job!
Level 71
Oct 16, 2016
Let's just pretend that's what I meant to say all along x)
Level 89
Oct 6, 2022
It's a copout gotcha answer. Nobody from anywhere in the rest of the U.S. would travel east to get to the Western Aleutians. Conversely, it makes it harder to find statistics on the legitimate westernmost point in the Aleutians, i.e., the point actually west of the 180th Meridian that someone would travel to if they continuously travelled westward.

P. S. As mentioned, all of Alaska is east of the International Date Line.

P.P.S. The logical easternmost point is coincidentally called West Quoddy Head.

Level 61
Oct 6, 2022
It's pretty often presented in "geography fun fact" type things that Alaska is the furthest north, west, and east among the states. I'm sure that's where I got it from when I made this quiz years ago. I agree now that it's more of a stretch.