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There are lots of places where you can go to drink. How many can you name?
Quiz by formerfrontpage
Last updated: September 4, 2018
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Old West bar
Old fashioned bar
British or Irish bar
Bar that brews it's own beer
Bar with fancy food
Open-air beer place
Beer Garden
Star Wars bar
Bar with fancy couches
Tasting place at a brewery
Tap Room
German, below-ground bar
Bar or a place where animals drink
Watering Hole
Bar with dancing and bouncers
Night Club
Talk quietly at this illegal bar
Illegal bar named for a sight-deprived animal
Blind Pig
Level 16
May 9, 2012
Considering all the epic fantasy I read, you'd think I'd get tavern, but noooo.
Level 58
May 11, 2012
It's "brews its own beer"; no apostrophe in "its".
Level 21
Jun 2, 2012
I tried "water hole" for watering hole and "bierhaus" for a German bar.
Level 43
Sep 20, 2012
A microbrewery brews small batches of beer, but does not necessarily sell the beer for consumption on the premises. In fact, in some states in the US it is illegal to brew and sell for consumption at the same site.
Level 82
Jan 26, 2013
it's funny how often over here in the Middle East (in Saudi Arabia of all places, where alcohol is strictly illegal) they misspell "salon" as "saloon." Every time I see a "hair saloon" or "turkey saloon" (Turkish barbers are reputed to be the best) I imagine some old gristled cowboy striding in and saying, "I'll have a whiskey and a perm!"
Level 67
Aug 10, 2013
It's not a misspelling as such -- the word "saloon" is another British mangling of a foreign word that was applied to all sorts of large rooms, including the saloon on a boat. The more limited use to apply only to bars that cowboys frequented is, of course, an Americanism.

But that doesn't make your comment any less amusing. I'm picturing John Wayne.

Level 82
Jan 24, 2016
I've come to realize this, as well. I think I asked some British friends about it. I assume the words saloon came from the French salon, which is just a room and could apply to all sorts of things, but for some reason in America it has come to be associated with one specific thing.

It's still a funny image, and I was also picturing John Wayne. With a Jheri curl.

Level 74
Jul 20, 2013
Please accept ratskeller too.
Level 67
May 6, 2014
Can you accept "Biergarten" for "Beer Garden"? I didn't ever realized we translated this term
Level 69
Apr 15, 2015
Level 73
Jun 7, 2015
Level 80
Jun 11, 2015
Level 76
Jul 11, 2014
It's Ratskeller: - which probably explains why it's running at 3%!
Level 73
Sep 14, 2014
yep, no 'h' - this needs to be fixed
Level 44
Oct 7, 2014
Level 31
Sep 22, 2014
"Keller" should be accepted for "Rathskeller." I lived in Germany for three years and only heard it referred to as the former.
Level 44
Nov 3, 2014
What, no "ginmill". My father always said he was going to the ginmill when he meant the corner bar.
Level 57
Dec 4, 2014
Also agree with microbrewery.
Level 77
Apr 17, 2015
its, not it's, in "Bar that brews its own beer." Please fix.
Level 42
Apr 27, 2015
I've never heard of a Blind Pig, thought dive would work though.
Level 60
May 5, 2024