U.S. Newspapers Quiz

For each city, name the largest local newspaper.
By circulation, not including the Wall Street Journal
Quiz by formerfrontpage
Last updated: September 4, 2018
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First submittedOctober 7, 2011
Times taken10,418
Average score27.3%
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New York
San Jose
Mercury News
Morning News
Star Tribune
Plain Dealer
Free Press
Kansas City
St. Louis
Las Vegas
New Orleans
San Diego
Level ∞
Oct 5, 2011
Originally 13 questions, now expanded to 22. I bet most Americans couldn't get more than 3 or 4.
Level 83
Mar 18, 2013
The average is 6, so I'm guessing you're wrong. I'm American and got 7, but why would anyone need or want to know the names of obscure newspapers in towns they don't live in? I got the famous ones (NY Times, Chicago Tribune, etc)... plus all the ones near places I have lived in the U.S. before (Washington, Baltimore, Sacramento). But America is a big place.
Level 54
Aug 31, 2013
20/22 for me. But about 15 years ago I ran the magazine section for a Barnes and Noble and ordered newspapers for people all the time. Couldn't remember San Diego or Las Vegas.
Level 45
Jun 27, 2016
I studied journalism in college, so I managed 11. Made it easier only having to type "Tribune," "Sun," and "Star," without having to remember which city each belonged to.
Level 69
Mar 30, 2019
He said *Americans*, not JetPunkers who took this quiz. I agree that most Americans could MAYBE name 3 or 4. Sarah Palin could name a big fat ZERO! I am not surprised, of course, that this crowd did much better :-D
Level 50
Oct 5, 2016
couldn't get more than 2
Level 84
Oct 31, 2016
I got 18.
Level 41
Oct 7, 2011
I got 9 ! And I'm not even American.
Level 69
Oct 7, 2011
8 here, and not American either.
Level 64
Oct 7, 2011
18 -- and American.
Level 28
Oct 7, 2011
Got 15 but some of these took some time. Both Portland and Kansas City could have been referring to two totally different cities. (Portland Oregon or Maine and Kansas City Kansas or Missouri)
Level 55
Oct 7, 2011
@delky06 Kansas City,MO and KS are essentially one big city with a state line in the middle so both sides get the Kansas City Star.
Level 50
Oct 9, 2011
6%'er answered thanks to having lived in Portland Oregon. I love it when I completely hose-up a quiz but answer correctly on the bottom percentile curve.

@Nate: Yeah, unless you're from Maine. Poor Maineiacs can't get any love...

Level 65
Oct 20, 2011
Most Americans don't read the newspaper anymore because most newspapers are full of biased propaganda. The age of "True Journalism" is dead.
Level 70
Aug 5, 2016
So they turn to the Internet to avoid the biased propaganda. Lol
Level 35
Mar 27, 2012
i kept spelling sentinel wrong. and i knew minneapolis was the star, just didn't think tribune was after it. i have no idea how i know so many of these
Level 34
May 6, 2012
Level 67
Nov 13, 2012
You left out the newspaper for DeQueen Arkansas: DeQueen Bee, of course. Don't know if it is still publishing.

And Laura Lippman, who used to work for the Baltimore Evening Sun, the second-best paper in Baltimore, gave us this story in an article about the Orioles in Sports Illustrated: "When the [Baltimore] Sun dubbed itself 'One of the world's best newspapers,' the Evening Sun adopted the motto: 'One of the world's newspapers.'" Cute.

Level 34
Feb 12, 2013
great quiz.
Level 25
Jan 3, 2014
Add Omaha World Herald
Level 38
Feb 16, 2014
I'm belgian & got 8 on my first try (including Sacramento Bee).
Level 76
Jul 2, 2014
Spelled Inquirer as Enquirer. Drat.
Level 66
Feb 5, 2019
Would have worked for Cincinnati.
Level 85
Nov 17, 2014
Got 10, felt OK about that. Surprised not to see the Seattle Post Intelligencer!
Level 35
Feb 6, 2015
Just if they had a newspaper titled Atlas, then it could rival the Orlando Sentinel. Those who get the reference post below.
Level 83
Sep 20, 2016
I'm sorry Sacramento and Cleveland, but your news papers have silly names.
Level 84
Oct 31, 2016
By far, the strangest quiz I've taken. Had ZERO confidence going in, but correctly got 18. Missed Hartford, Las Vegas, Portland and San Diego. A handful I flat knew. The rest only came when I mentally relaxed and said the city out loud...then the name of the paper naturally came next. Even when I had absolutely no confidence in the name that came into my head. I typed, and they were right. Amazing the information that just lies dormant inside your head.
Level 73
Jun 7, 2018
I love this quiz! Please do an expanded one. I used to work in this industry so I guess that's why I found it so enjoyable. Made me remember old times, people, places who worked at these places. I got 100% but I am of course an American. I wouldn't get too far down the list of English or French or German newspapers, I'm sure.
Level 53
Nov 8, 2018
how was there no gazette?
Level 76
Jan 26, 2019
Waiting for that Post-Times...
Level 58
May 17, 2023
Why is it defeatured?