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2,4252022-04-03WWE Hall of Fame inductees (1993-2022)
7702022-03-06Brock Lesnar's pro wrestling opponents
6402021-09-28John Cena's career opponents
6022022-07-19The Undertaker's opponents
5642021-01-22Hulk Hogan's opponents
4522022-09-05WWF/WWE Managers, Valets and Bodyguards
4422022-09-10CM Punk's career pro wrestling opponents
4222021-01-22Ric Flair's opponents
3212021-09-28Bret Hart's career opponents
3132022-04-03Stone Cold Steve Austin's opponents
2782021-01-22Triple H's career opponents
2572021-01-21Shawn Michaels career opponents
2462021-01-31Randy Savage's opponents
2392022-09-10Chris Jericho's opponents
2222021-09-28Kurt Angle's career pro wrestling matches
2162022-01-15Randy Orton's opponents
2092021-01-21The Rock's career opponents
2082022-03-06WWF/WWE broadcasters
1982021-01-18Bruno Sammartino's opponents
1832021-04-11Sting's career opponents
1752021-01-21Andre the Giant's career opponents
1642021-01-21Lex Luger's career opponents
1602022-02-20Goldberg's career opponents
1532022-04-09Daniel Bryan's career opponents
1442021-09-06The Big Show's career opponents
1422021-04-13Shane McMahon's career wrestling opponents
1342021-01-21Ravishing Rick Rude's career opponents
1292021-01-22Mick Foley's career opponents
1232021-01-22Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig's career opponents
1222021-09-08The Brooklyn Brawler's career opponents
1122021-06-27Sgt. Slaughter's career matches
1122021-01-21Big Van Vader's career opponents
1092021-01-21Dusty Rhodes career opponents
1052021-01-21Rowdy Roddy Piper's career matches
1022021-01-23Ultimate Warrior opponents
1022022-04-04Vince McMahon's career matches
992021-05-18Rob Van Dam's career opponents
982021-01-22Harley Race's career opponents
952021-01-21Jerry Lawler's opponents
922021-01-21Superstar Billy Graham's opponents
862021-01-22Kevin Nash's career opponents
822021-01-19WWE Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection Era
812021-01-22Jeff Jarrett's career opponents
782022-05-14Ronda Rousey's career pro wrestling opponents
652021-01-22Terry Funk's career opponents
642022-06-17Roman Reigns career opponents
622021-01-22Batista's career opponents
602021-01-22Sid Vicious' career opponents
532021-01-21Jesse Ventura's career opponents
482021-01-21WCW Managers and Valets
452021-01-21Chyna's career pro wrestling matches
352021-01-21ECW Managers, Valets and Bodyguards
272021-01-22The Dudley Boyz all-time opponents
212022-09-10A.J. Styles career opponents
172022-04-16Wrestlemania Celebrities
132022-09-04WWF Attitude Era