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In which sport can you hear terms such as Ace, Birdie, Eagle, Albatross, Par, and Fore?Golf
Which planet in our solar system holds the most gravity?Jupiter
What is the name of the prison in front of San Francisco?Alcatraz
And who is the most famous player of that sport?Tiger Woods
Which real nuclear power plant was the subject of the Emmy winning 2019 HBO drama series?Chernobyl
Where are the Cheerleading World Championships held every April or May?Orlando, Florida
Who is the 25th President of France, serving since 2017?Emmanuel Macron
Not including the individual emirates composing the UAE, name one of the five absolute monarchies that exist in 2023.Brunei, Eswatini, Oman, Saudi Arabia, or Vatican City
Finish these lyrics: Oh, when I look back now / That summer seemed to last forever / And if I had the choice / Yeah, I'd always wanna be there / Those were the...Best days of my life
What drink was famously advertised by Britney Spears, Beyonce, and Pink as gladiators?Pepsi
Whose motto is "Always be prepared"?The Scout movement
Though it closed in April 2023, what is still the longest running show on Broadway?The Phantom of the Opera
As of 2023, which country has the largest GDP per capita?Luxembourg
What is the cabin manager, or chief flight attendant, often called on modern airlines?Purser
According to some survivors, what was the last song that the Titanic's string ensemble played as the ship sank?Nearer, My God, to Thee

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