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Quiz by Foulfortune
Last updated: November 12, 2012
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What is Fry’s first name?
What was Fry’s brother’s name?
What is Leela’s first name?
What is the janitor’s name?
What are Bender’s middle and last names?
Bending Rodriguez
From the episode “Jurassic Bark”, what was Fry’s dog’s name?
What is the name of Bender’s identical nemesis (with a beard)?
What is the name of the human-hating alien news anchor?
Morbo the Annihilator
What is the name of Professor Farnsworth’s nemesis?
Ogden Wernstrom
Who is Hermes’ arch rival?
Barbados Slim
Who is the acting robot famous for the soap opera “All My Circuits”?
Who is the four armed Neptunian owner of the “Fine Cuisine” restaurant?
Who is the golden robot always depicted in a lounging position and eating grapes?
What is the name of Professor Farnsworth’s clone?
What creature, usually shown on television, has pulsating, multicolored eyes and emits a loud, ominous buzzing noise?
Who is the large masculine robot daughter of the farmer on the moon?
The Crushinator
Which member of the robot mafia is named for his hands?
What is the name of the company at which they all work?
Planet Express
Fry was cryogenically frozen starting on which holiday?
New Years
What was Fry’s job in the 20th century?
Delivery Boy
What did the “80’s guy” die from?
What character can be seen pushing Fry’s chair and causing him to be cryogenically frozen?
What was the same as the price of a cheese pizza and a large soda from Panucci’s Pizza?
Fry's PIN Number
Who is the voice of Fry, Professor, and Zapp Brannigan?
Billy West
In what city do they live?
New New York
What planet is Amy from?
What sport is a “jazzed up” version of baseball?
Lrrr is the ruler of what planet?
Omicron Persei 8
Fry downloaded an illegal robot copy of what celebrity?
Lucy Liu
According to Kif, Amy is his ____________.
The word “ask” has been replaced by the word _______.
The planet "Uranus" has been renamed to __________.
What invention allowed the crew to discover a giant mass of garbage in space?
What is the addictively good soda called?
Lrr invades Earth looking for “McNeal” when an episode of what Earth show is interrupted due to technical difficulties?
Single Female Lawyer
Most video tapes on Earth were destroyed in the year 2443 during the __________________________________.
Second Coming of Jesus
Lrr invades Earth looking for what “aphrodisiac”?
Human Horn
Who impregnates Kif?
Leela uses what fake name to join Earth’s Army (first and last name)?
Lee Lemon
After pawning his body, Bender returns to the pawn shop to retrieve his body only to discover it has been sold to ____________.
Richard Nixon
What show was forbidden after it became a worldwide religion and all its fans were killed in a war?
Star Trek
What tasty food, discovered by the crew on an undiscovered planet, turned out to be baby aliens?
In the episode “The Cryonic Woman”, Fry and his 20th century girlfriend, Michelle, believe they end up in the year 4000, but are actually still in the year 3000 in the city of _____________.
Los Angeles
What do the Amazonians call sex?
After being infested with microscopic worms from an old egg salad sandwich, Fry becomes an expert at playing what instrument?
What is Fry’s good luck charm from the 20th century?
seven leafed clover
Bender: “I am Bender. Please insert ________.”
Bender: “There were 1’s and 0’s everywhere – and I think I saw a…”
Fry: “People always said I was stupid, but I…”
Proved Them
Robot Devil: “You can’t just announce what your characters are feeling!...”
That makes me feel angry
(Crowd): What do you want? (Fry): Fry's dog! (Crowd): When do you want it? (Fry): ______________!
Fry's Dog
Level 23
Jul 8, 2012
i read it fast and was trying to remember the pin number! :( UGH!
Level 36
Jul 28, 2012
I got 45. Is that a bit sad? By the way, the PIN is 1077
Level 20
Sep 13, 2012
Very well done, one of the better quizzes! Had a lot of fun with this one!
Level 71
Apr 25, 2014
You should accept second coming of christ and Las Angeles for us non-americans who get confused ;) Otherwise great quiz. I couldn't get Seymour's name because I refuse to watch that soul shattering episode again, heh.
Level 82
Jun 3, 2014
Wonderful quiz. Fonfon ru should be accepted for smizmar.
Level 18
Sep 15, 2014
49% my god must have had a brain fart!
Level 83
Sep 8, 2022
West should work for Billy West. It's "aks", not "axe". "Fry's PIN" is sufficient. "PIN Number" is "Personal Identification Number Number".