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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user dk99.
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Times taken 7,648
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5032024-05-05KPOP 2023 MV most viewed
4412024-05-15ITZY all songs(May 2024 update)
3652024-05-14ENHYPEN songs (May 2024 update)
3532024-05-05ALL 24 tripleS members by pictures
3142024-04-09NCT DREAM SONGS(Mar 2023 update)
3012024-04-13TXT songs (April 2024 update)
2682024-04-27BLACKPINK all songs
2622023-12-19ALL NCT members by pictures
2062023-12-16Newjeans songs(2023 update)
2012024-01-06kpop song 2023
1902024-05-17aespa songs (April 2024 upadate)
1722024-05-18all IVE songs (April 2024 update)
1592024-05-08all LE SSERAFIM songs(2024 update)
1532024-05-01RED VELVET all songs(update 03/2024)
1502024-04-28NMIXX all songs (JAN 2024 update)
1492024-04-20All TWICE songs (2024 update)
1422024-01-01Kpop Songs With Most Music Show Wins (2023)
1192023-12-21NCT 127 all songs(2023 update)
1122024-01-01Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(PT1)
1082024-01-13KPOP 2022 MV most viewed
1022024-02-02ALL (G)i-dle songs(JAN 2024 update)
1012024-05-15KPOP 2024 MV most viewed(15/5 update)
852024-05-14All EXO solo activities (2024 update)
832024-01-17ATEEZ songs(2023 update)
812023-07-15fairy tail ALL CHARACTERS
792023-12-26Dreamcatcher songs (2023 update)
762024-01-02Kpop groups with most music shows wins(2023)
722023-12-26Detective Conan characters
692023-12-16Guess idols' name through picture(PT1)
682024-01-01Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(pt3)
652023-12-27Female Japanese KPOP Idol
602023-12-26TWICE MV(most -> least viewed)
592023-12-27Female Thai Kpop Idol
572024-05-14NCT U and NCT DOJAEJUNG all songs(2024 update)
562024-01-01Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(pt2)
552024-01-16RIIZE all song
542024-05-11All tripleS songs(May 2024 update)
532023-12-30Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(pt5)
512024-04-13Bungo Stay Dogs Characters
482023-12-17TREASURE songs (2023 update)
462023-12-30Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(pt6)
452024-01-01Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(pt4)
452023-12-28Female American KPOP Idol
432024-01-19THE BOYZ all songs(JAN 2024 update)
432024-05-01KPOP LEADERS(Boygroup ver.)
432023-12-25EVERGLOW songs(2023 update)
422024-04-09Demon Slayer Characters
392024-05-06KPOP LEADERS(Girlgroup ver.)
392024-04-15all BABYMONSTER songs(until now)
382024-04-19Guess Kpop MV by thumbnail(Girlgroup ver.)
372024-03-20xikers all songs(2024 update)
362024-04-19NAYEON(TWICE) in each era
362024-01-05Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(pt11)
362024-01-13Female Chinese, Taiwanese, Hongkonger KPOP Idol
352024-01-06BTS songs win music show
352024-04-19fromis_9 songs(2023 update)
342023-12-31Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(pt7)
342024-01-01Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(pt8)
332024-04-18Guess Kpop MV by thumbnail(Boygroup ver.)
322024-01-01Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(pt9)
322024-04-04KISS OF LIFE(2024 update)
312024-01-05Female Kpop idol Born in 1999
302024-05-07ILLIT all song
302024-01-03Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(pt10)
292024-05-14EXO songs(2012- now)
292024-05-08Stray Kids all songs(2024 update)
272024-04-21All Kep1er songs(2024 update)
272024-01-05Songs most wins on music show
242024-01-05Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(pt12)
232024-01-07BLACKPINK songs win music show
232024-05-08STAYC song (2024 update)
222024-01-06Guess Kpop girlgroup songs through emojis(pt13)
222023-12-20Red Velvet trivia
212023-12-14LOONA ALL SONGS
202024-04-14Guess Boygroup idols through pictures
192023-12-16guess idols' name through picture(PT2)
162023-12-27EXO MV(most -> least viewed)
162024-03-16XG all song(update 2024)
162024-04-19MIYEON((G)I-DLE) in each era
162024-04-18PURPLE KISS SONGS(2024 update)
152024-02-02All IZ*ONE songs
142024-05-13BOYNEXTDOOR all songe(2024 update)
142023-12-2530 contestants in PRODUCE 48
142024-01-16All GFRIEND songs
122024-01-09Melon Weekly Chart #1 List 2023
112024-01-12TAEYEON all song(until 2023)
112024-04-15All WJSN songs
102024-01-13IU song(until 2023)
102024-05-08P1Harmony all songs(2024 update)
92024-05-09IRENE(RED VELVET) in each era
92024-01-27All VIVIZ song(2023 update)
92024-03-22TWS all songs
92024-05-17Billlie all songs (2024 update)
72024-05-12f(x) all songs(2019-2016)
72024-01-11SUNMI all song(until 2023)
52024-05-08Former JYP TRAINEES
52024-03-21CRAVITY all songs(2024 update)
42024-05-08Former YG TRAINEES
42023-12-22WEEEKLY songs(2023 update)
42024-05-19All HYPE artist.
42024-03-22H1-KEY songs(2024 update)
42024-05-18All SM artist
32024-05-14EVNNE all songs(2024 update)
32024-03-28THE NEW SIX all song(2024 update)
32024-04-18AMPERS&ONE songs(2024 update)
32024-05-05YOUNG POSSE all song(Mar 2024 update)
32024-05-17Guess the girlgroup in alphabetical order
32024-04-16All 2NE1 songs(2009-2016)
32024-04-15GOT7 songs
22024-05-14Loossemble all songs(2024 update)
22023-12-26LIGHTSUM alll songs(2023 update)
12024-05-05WANNA ONE all songs(2017-2019)
12024-04-23Cherry Bullet all songs(2019-2024)
12024-04-03ATBO all song
12023-12-26all Rocket Punch songs (update 2023)
12024-01-05Weki Meki songs
02024-04-08all AB6IX song(2024 update)
02024-05-16Golden Child all songs(2024 update)
02024-01-27WINNER songs
02024-04-18DRIPPIN songs(2024 update)
02024-05-12EXO all solo activities(other singles)
02024-05-14EPEX all songs (2024 update)
02024-05-07YOUNITE (Update May 2024)
02024-04-26ONF songs(April 2024 update)
02024-05-05EXID songs(2012-2022)