The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Quiz

One Of The Best Games Of All Time. Answer The Questions To The Best Of Your Ability And If There Are Any Changes You Would Like Me To Make Or Select A Different Time Limit Let Me Know In The Comments.
Quiz by Ross12345
Last updated: March 9, 2021
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The Year That The Game Was Released On The Nintendo 64
The Main Character
The Infamous Princess
What Is The Name Given To The Above's Child Form?
Young Link
What Is The Name Given To #2s Older Form?
Adult Link
Main Setting Of The Game
The Area #2 or #3 Starts In
Kokiri Forest
#2 Or #3's Best Friend
The Guy Who Is Jealous Of #2 or #3
What Costs 40 Rupees To Buy Within #6?
Deku Shield
What Do You Find When You Successfully Navigate The Boulder Maze In #6?
Kokiri Sword
The Fairy That Is Sent To Watch Over And Guide #2
Who Is Responsible For Sending The Above To #2 And Acts As The First Dungeon?
The Great Deku Tree
The Characters Who Possess A Good Amount Of Knowledge (Siblings)
The Know It All Brothers
The First Ocarina
Fairy Ocarina
The Most Famous Instrument (Blue Colour)
Ocarina Of Time
What Does A Green Rupee Give You?
One Rupee
What Does A Blue Rupee Give You?
Five Rupees
What Does A Red Rupee Give You?
Twenty Rupees
What Does A Purple Rupee Give You?
Fifty Rupees
What Does A Huge Rupee Give You?
Two Hundred Rupees
What Item Allows You To Light Torches When It Is On Fire?
Deku Sticks
Which Item Allows You To Stun Most Enemies?
Deku Nuts
Which Item Do You Find In The First Dungeon (GDT)
Fairy Slingshot
What Health System Exists In This Game?
Which Item That Normally Drops From Bosses Increases Your Total Health?
Heart Container
Alternative Platform For The Game
Nintendo Gamecube
Alternative Platform 2
Nintendo 3DS
Was Released On This Feature (VC)
Virtual Console
What Feature Allows You To Descend Deeper Into The First Dungeon?
Burning Spider Webs
Enemy Which You Encounter Within The First Dungeon (You Slice It In Half Sometimes)
Deku Baba
The Bigger Forms Of The Above?
Giant Deku Baba
The Enemy Which Hangs From Ceilings? (Spider)
Big Skulltula
The Enemy Which Flies Around (Black)
The Enemy Which Is Similar To The Above But Is On Fire
Fire Keese
The Enemy Which Exists In The First Dungeon And Drops From The Ceiling Then Hatches
Gohma Larva
The First Boss
Queen Gohma
Where The Gorons Live
Goron City
A Trail Which Is Located Next To The Above
Death Mountain Trail
The Bolero Of Fire Transports You Here
Death Mountain Crater
The Second Dungeon
Dodongo's Cavern
The Statue That Fires A Blue Laser
The Item That You Find In The Second Dungeon And Can Blow Stuff Up
What Do You Use To Store The Above?
Bomb Bag
Which Statue Moves Around And Requires You To Make It Explode
The Enemies That Are Found On Webs (Small Spiders With Skulls)
The Second Boss
King Dodongo
The Home Of The Zora's
Zora's Domain
The Game You Can Play To Receive The Silver Scale
Diving Game
The Creature Who Rules #47
King Zora
The Daughter Of The Above
Princess Ruto
The Fish That You Need To Explore And Acts As The Third Dungeon
Lord Jabu Jabu
The Boss Of The Third Dungeon
Which Key Item Do You Obtain Halfway Through The Dungeon? (Travels Back To You)
The First Spiritual Stone
Kokiri Emerald
The Second Spiritual Stone
Goron's Ruby
The Third Spiritual Stone
Zora's Sapphire
The Building Which Is Where You Can Use The Three Spiritual Stones In
Temple Of Time
The Sliding Object Which Allows Entry Into The Sacred Realm
Door Of Time
The Weapon That Allows You To Grow Older And Become The Hero Of Time
Master Sword
Gender Is Unknown But Greets You After You Obtain The Above
The First Dungeon That You Complete As #5
Forest Temple
The Second Dungeon That You Complete As #5
Fire Temple
The Mini Dungeon That Comes Just Before The Next Answer
Ice Cavern
The Third Dungeon That You Complete As #5
Water Temple
The Fourth Dungeon That You Complete As #5
Shadow Temple
The Fifth Dungeon That You Complete As #5
Spirit Temple
The Last Dungeon Of The Game
Ganon's Castle
The Boss That Involves A First Hand Experience Of Tennis (Not The King Of Evil Btw)
Phantom Ganon
The Next Boss That Involves Giant Boulders And Fire (Dragon)
The Boss That Involves Extensive Use Of The Longshot (Giant Tentacles And Loads Of Water)
The Boss That Involves Giant Hands And Shooting Him In The Eye With The Fairy Bow
Bongo Bongo
The Boss That Involves Two Witches And A Final Combination Of Their Powers
The Weapon That Involves A Long Fetch Quest
Biggoron's Sword
The Weapon That Allows You To Stun A Dragon
Megaton Hammer
The Arrows That Can Stun The King Of Evil
Light Arrows
The King Of Evil's Name
The Final Boss
Level 53
Nov 2, 2020
Well you misspelled "Sheik". In general, the "exactness" of the answers makes this quiz too difficult to be enjoyable.