The Witcher Season 1 (Netflix) Quiz

Answer questions which are associated with Season 1 of The Witcher. There will be spoilers within this quiz so please only complete this if you have watched the show from start to finish.
Quiz by Ross12345
Last updated: August 4, 2021
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The Main Character/White Wolf (He states that he is from Rivia but this is false)
The Sorceress Who Becomes Tied To The Above Due To A Djinn (Vengerberg)
My Favourite Character Who Is The Daughter Of Pavetta, Grandaughter Of #4, Is The Last Living Descendant Of Lara Dorren And Has Inherited Her Ancestor's Elder Blood
The Above's Grandmother Who Raises #3 After Pavetta's Death
The Husband Of The Above (He promises the above 50 Skellige ships to assist them against Nilfgaard and speaks to #3 about whether she was successful with playing Knucklebones).
The Sorceress Who Comes From Maribor And Is A Friend Of #2 (She is known for her fire magic and acts as an aid/advisor to Foltest).
The Woman Who According To Stregabor Was Born Under The Curse Of The Black Sun (#1 has to fight her in the first episode)
The Woman Who Teaches #2 About Magic And How To Control Her Chaos At Aretuza
The Sorcerer Who #2 Meets On Aretuza Who Is Secretly Working With Stregabor And Finds Out She Is Half-Elf.
What Is The Name Of The First Monster That #1 Kills?
What Is The Name Of The Man/Knight Who Attempts To Capture #3 (She uses her powers/scream to prevent him from doing so and causes a fissure to separate them)
The Name Of The Sorceress Who Is Sent To Nilfgaard And Serves The Nilfgaardian Emperor (She studies at Aretuza just like #2 and tries to turn the defenders of Sodden Hill against each other).
The Name Of The Druid Who Helps #3 Escape From Cintra And Is A Friend Of #1
The Name Of #1's Horse
What Alias Does Emhyr Var Emreis Give Himself?
What Causes Himself To Look Like A Beast?
What Does Emhyr Declare To #4's Former Husband As Payment For Saving His Life?
Law Of Surprise
What Name Is Given To Dandelion In The Show?
What Is The Name Of The Actor Who Plays The Above?
Joey Batey
There Are Two Signs That The White Wolf Uses In The First Episode. Name The First (Arcane Blast/telekinetic blast)
And The Second? (Influencing Minds)
What Type Of Swords Does The White Wolf Use? Name The First (Used For Killing Humans?)
And The Second? (Used For Killing Monsters)
What Is The Name Of The White Wolf's Mother?
What Is The Name Of The Elf Who #3 Meets When She Is Trying To Hide From Nilfgaard? (He Says That The Berries She Tries To Eat Are Poisonous Via Gestures And She Calls Him Rat Boy)
Which Forest Is #3 Lead To? (Its Where #1 Recovers In The Books)
Which Race Of People Live In This Forest?
What Is The Name Of The Sorcerer Who Acts As An Ally To #2 During The Battle Of Sodden Hill (His name begins with V and He Fights With The Knight Who Tries To Abduct #3 with a Sabre)
How Much Is #2 Sold For? (Its The Title Of Episode 2)
Four Marks
What Creature Does The White Wolf And #2 Protect From Reavers And To An Extent The Dwarves? (They are rarely hunted by Witchers and Breath Fire and This One Is Gold).
Gold Dragon
What Monster Does Adda (Foltest's Daughter) exist as until #1 lifts her curse?
What Is The Nickname That #1 Is Given By People Who Have Heard Of Him (This is because of him slaughtering people at Blaviken)
Butcher Of Blaviken
The Name Of The Trial That Boys Must Pass In Order To Become A Witcher?
Trial Of Grasses
What Is The Name Of The Man Who The White Wolf Saves From Ghouls?
The Song That Is Sang By Dandelion And Involves Money And Is Affiliated With The White Wolf's Profession
Toss A Coin To Your Witcher
There Are Two Books That Season 1 Takes Inspiration From Or Shows Events From. Name The First (Related To The Djinn's Wishes)
The Last Wish
And The Second? (Is Linked To The White Wolf And The Child Of The Elder Blood)
Sword Of Destiny
The Name Of The Dwarf Who Is A Part Of The Crew That Hunts A Dragon (He becomes a friend of The Child Of The Elder Blood In The Books)
Yarpen Zigrin
What Is The Title Of The Season Finale?
Much More
What Is The Name Of The Creature That Can Become Someone Else?
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