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572023-08-23Top 50 biggest countries
562023-09-30Communist countries in history
462023-08-03Modern day countries controlled by the Holy Roman Empire
432023-08-26Top 5 countries in each continent with the most rainfall
412023-07-31Countries invaded by Germany during WW2
412023-08-01Modern day countries controlled by Napoleonic France
402023-11-12Do Not Travel countries according to the US travel advisories
402023-08-11Flags of Europe in 1914
392023-07-31Countries not invaded in Europe during WW2
382023-08-11Guess the European country by a single fact
342023-08-26USA States & Territories
252023-08-13Modern day countries controlled by the Mongol Empire
252023-09-30Countries after collapse of Yugoslavia
252024-02-25All gloves in Slap Battles with an ability
242023-08-13Modern day countries controlled by Austria-Hungary
222023-08-13Countries of WWI
222023-08-26Countries that bordered Austria-Hungary
222023-09-30Countries of the EU
182023-08-01Modern day countries controlled by the Ottoman Empire
172023-09-30Countries of Eurozone
152023-11-12TDS Enemies of Hardcore Mode
112023-08-26Countries that bordered the USSR
102023-11-15TDS Lunar Overture Enemies
102023-08-27All Minecraft Armors
102023-07-31Modern day parts of the Roman Empire
82024-02-24All TDS Towers (Trapper Tower Update)
72023-11-13TDS Pizza Party Enemies
62023-08-26Chinese provinces & territories
52023-12-25TDS Christmas 2023 Enemies
52023-11-13TDS Frost Invasion Enemies
52023-11-13TDS Area 51 Event Enemies
32024-02-25Every glove in slap battles
32024-02-24TDS Skins by picture (Trapper Tower Update)
32023-11-30TDS Enemies of Normal Mode
32023-11-15TDS Cold Ambush Enemies
22024-02-25Slap Battles gloves tooltips
22023-11-12TDS Enemies of Fallen Mode
22023-11-12TDS Enemies of Molten Mode
22023-11-15TDS D00M's Revenge Enemies
12023-11-13TDS The Heights Event Enemies
12024-02-25Every badge in Slap Battles
12023-12-04TDS Enemies HP
12023-12-25Every TDS Skin (Christmas 2023 Event Update)
12023-11-12TDS Polluted Wasteland II Enemies
12023-11-13TDS Christmas 2019 Enemies
12023-11-13TDS Spring 2020 Enemies
02023-11-13TDS Halloween 2019 Enemies
02023-11-13TDS Halloween 2020 Enemies
02023-11-13TDS Badlands II Enemies
02024-01-10Every TDS Map (Christmas 2023 Update)
02023-11-13TDS Solar Eclipse Enemies
02024-02-24TDS Tower Upgrade Names