Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus: Complete the Prophecy

You will be shown the prophecies from across the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series (both by Rick Riordan) with some missing words. Fill in the blanks (one blank represents one missing word.)
The book marks the start of a new prophecy, and the person who received the prophecy is directly under that.
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Last updated: January 22, 2017
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Book/Person prophecised to
Line from Prophecy
Missing phrase
PJ: Lightening Thief
You shall go west, and face the god _ _ _.
who has turned
(Percy's prophecy)
You shall find _ _ _, and see it safely returned.
what was stolen
You shall be betrayed by the one who _ _ _ _.
calls you a friend
And you shall _ _ _ what matters most, in the end.
fail to save
PJ: Sea of Monsters
You shall sail the iron ship with _ _ _,
warriors of bone
(Clarisse's prophecy)
You shall find what you seek and _ _ _ _,
make it your own
But _ _ _ _ entombed within stone,
despair for your life
And _ _ _ to fly home alone.
fail without friends
PJ: Titan's Curse
Five shall go west to the _ _ _,
goddess in chains
(Zoe's prophecy)
One shall be lost in the _ _ _,
land without rain
The _ _ _ shows the trail,
bane of Olympus
Campers and Hunters _ _,
combined prevail
The _ _ must one withstand,
Titan's curse
And one shall perish by a _ _.
parent's hand
PJ: Battle of the Labyrinth
You shall _ _ _ _ of the endless maze,
delve in the darkness
(Annabeth's prophecy)
The dead, the traitor, and the _ _ _,
lost one raise
You shall rise or fall by the _ _ _,
ghost king's hand
The _ _ _'s final stand.
child of Athena
Destroy with a hero's _ _,
final breath
And _ _ _ to worse than death.
lose a love
PJ: Last Olympian
A half-blood of the _ _,
eldest gods
(The 1st Great Prophecy)
Shall _ _ against all odds,
reach sixteen
Book/Person prophecised to
Line from Prophecy
Missing phrase
And see the world _ _ _,
in endless sleep
The _ _, cursed blade shall reap,
hero's soul
A _ _ shall end his days.
single choice
HOE: The Lost Hero
Olympus to _ _ _.
preserve or raze
(Jason's prophecy)
Child of lightening, _ _ _,
beware the earth
The _ _ the seven shall birth,
giant's revenge
The _ _ _ shall break the cage,
forge and dove
And death unleash through _ _.
Hera's rage
HOE: Son of Neptune
To the north. _ _ _,
beyond the gods
(Percy's Prophecy)
lies the legion's _.
Falling from ice, the _ _ _ shall drown...
son of Neptune
HOE: Mark of Athena
_ _ walks alone.
Wisdom's daughter
(Phophecy quoted by Ella)
The Mark of Athena _ _ _.
burns through Rome
Twins snuff out the _ _,
angel's breath
who holds the key to _ _.
endless death
Giant's bane stands _ _ _,
gold and pale
_ _ _ from a woven jail.
Won with pain
HOE: Blood of Olympus
_ _ _ shall answer the call,
Seven half-bloods
(The 2nd Great Prophecy)
To _ _ _ the world must fall,
storm or fire
An _ _ _with a final breath,
oath to keep
And foes bear arms to the _ _ _.
Doors of Death
Level 28
Mar 27, 2022
isn't it won through pain instead of won with pain