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7782023-12-08The Vampire Diaries - who said it - season 1-8
3492023-11-13The Vampire Diaries - who said it - season 1
2402023-11-13Name the Vampire Diaries character
2072023-11-15Into - Josman - Full lyrics
2012023-11-22The Vampire Diaries - who said it - season 2
1622023-11-14High School Sweethearts - Melanie Martinez full lyrics
1622023-11-16The Loneliest - Måneskin - Full Lyrics
1542023-11-167 Wonders of the world
1462023-11-14Name the Gossip Girl characters
1062023-11-15Agora Hills - Doja Cat - Full Lyrics
932023-11-28Most streamed artists in 2023
812023-11-19La noche de anoche - Bad Bunny ft Rosalia - Full Lyrics
802024-02-15Safest Countries by GPI - 1 to 20
762023-11-12The Originals - who said it
672023-11-27UK citizenship test
572023-11-12Name the Legacies character
572024-02-21Top 10 Most Powerful Passports
512023-11-14Name the artists pt1
512023-11-27Name the artist by their most streamed song
492023-11-14Name the artists pt2
442023-11-16Countries that Start with J - Shape Quiz
432024-02-21Top 10 World's Weakest Passports
402023-11-16Countries that Start with B - Shape Quiz
402023-11-11Name the character - The originals
392023-11-15World's richest countries by GDP
382023-11-16Countries that Start with F - Shape Quiz
372023-11-16Countries that Start with I - Shape Quiz
362023-11-16Countries that Start with A - Shape Quiz
332023-11-16Countries that Start with G - Shape Quiz
332023-11-16Countries that Start with D - Shape Quiz
322023-11-18Countries that Start with Z - Shape Quiz
312023-11-18Countries that Start with V - Shape Quiz
292023-11-16Countries that Start with C - Shape Quiz
282023-11-17Countries that Start with N - Shape Quiz
282023-11-17Countries that Start with M - Shape Quiz
272023-11-11Legacies - Significant others
272023-11-16Countries that Start with H - Shape Quiz
262023-11-18Countries that Start with T - Shape Quiz
262023-11-17Countries that Start with O-Q-Y - Shape Quiz
262023-11-15World's poorest countries by GDP
262023-11-16Countries that Start with E - Shape Quiz
252023-11-17Countries that Start with L - Shape Quiz
242024-05-27Wildflower - Billie Eilish - Full Lyrics
242023-11-18Countries that Start with S - Shape Quiz
242023-11-19Countries that Start with R - Shape Quiz
232023-11-17Countries that Start with K - Shape Quiz
222024-02-15Safest Countries by GPI - 131 to 163
222023-11-18Countries that Start with U - Shape Quiz
212023-11-09Legacies - who said it?
202023-11-17Countries that Start with P - Shape Quiz
202024-05-14Country Flags in A
202023-11-13Where are these artists from?
192024-05-14Country Flags in B
182024-05-14Country Flags in C
182023-11-14Name the countries by their motto
172023-11-14Name the countries by their laws
162023-11-23France Country Quiz
152024-02-15Safest Countries by GPI - 41 to 60
142023-11-14Ordinary Life - The Weeknd Full lyrics
142024-02-15Safest Countries by GPI - 21 to 40
122023-12-16Sad Girl - Lana Del Rey - Full Lyrics
122023-12-16Cinnamon Girl - Lana Del Rey - Full Lyrics
122023-11-14Name the Control Z characters
92023-11-10Legacies - who said it? pt2
82023-11-14Countries by their 1st amendment
82024-02-15Safest Countries by GPI - 61 to 80
72023-11-14Who never featured with these artists
72023-11-10Legacies - who said it? pt3
42024-02-15Safest Countries by GPI - 101 to 130
42024-02-15Safest Countries by GPI - 81 to 100