Korn Lyrics Quiz

Identify which Korn song the following lyrics are from
Taking songs only from the first 7 albums. Korn, Life Is Peachy, Follow The Leader, Issues, Untouchables, Take A Look In The Mirror, and See You On The Other Side
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Last updated: December 22, 2021
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Something takes a part of me, You and I were meant to be
Freak On A Leash
Swing at me again if you like, Throw your hate at me with all your might.
I can't stand to let you win, I'm just watching you, And I don't know what to do
Somebody Someone
Thumbing through the pages of my fantasies, Pushing all the mercy down, down, down
I am the one who chose my path, I am the one who couldn't last
Did My Time
Screwing might be the only way, That I can truly be free from my f**ked up reality, So I dream and stroke it harder
I'm feeling mean today, Not lost, not blown away
Right Now
I hurt so bad inside, I wish you could see the world through my eyes
I am living without you, You think everything will be fine
Break Some Off
Take off in space, You and I
The time has come to realize, What you are, what you've done inside
Mr. Rodgers
Trust nobody, I don't know who to call a friend, They all just pretend to be
Play Me
What's going on today, We need to break away.
Yall Want A Single
You sucked the life out of me, You hate everything you see
Counting On Me
So I see this face so innocent and fine, So I see this face and I realize it's mine
To the world that never appreciated shit, You can suck my dick and f**king like it!
What a disgrace, Who do I feel sorry for?
It's in religion, sex, and everything we do and say, I look the other way, won't you?
Head trip for the mortal earthbound, One sip of the blood that I found, Lying here, I'm dying here
Love Song
Is there ever any wonder, why we look to the sky? Search in vain, asking why
Hollow Life
Hey, I'm feeling tired, My time has gone today
Falling Away From Me
I can't stand what you put me through, I can't stand even the thought of you
All my feelings have been eating all of me, Feeling tired, Is there something wrong with me?
You really want me to be a good son, Why you make me feel like no one?
Dead Bodies Everywhere
Mother, please forgive me, I just had to get out all my pain and suffering
This place inside my mind, A place I like to hide. You don't know the chances, What if I should die?
I feel the reason as it's leaving me, no, not again
Make Me Bad
You were my brother (where does our friendship end?)
Ball Tongue
I bide my time, I'm intertwined, I'm falling in this place, I thought I left behind
So I take my face, And bash it into a mirror, I won't have to see the pain
Here To Stay
I am going insane, this shit is all about pain, I cannot maintain as the shit oozes out of my brain
Wish You Could Be Me
Rolling and throwing, consoling, Everything that goes this far
I hate writing shit, it is so stupid, What's my problem today?
A$$ Itch
So give me something that is for real, I'll never ever follow
Got The Life
Weeping rose of Jeremiah, Drops of blood drip off your petals
Some who look at the time, I looked back into my life, You wanna touch me to see what's in my eyes
No Place To Hide
Oh my God, How could you deny the flood, That's flowing through you?
Let me see, all my life has been taken, This demon haunts me, They're waiting, help me
Hey Daddy
My heart inside is constantly hating! I'm sorry, I just throw you away!
Knick knack patty wack, Give a dog a bone, This old man came rollin' home.
Shoots And Ladders
Because the music do, And then it's reaching, Inside you, forever preaching
Twisted Transistor
Do you ever see outside your fears? Thinking about your life? Thinking about your inner fears?
Sick of the same old thing! So I dig a hole and bury pain!
I can take no more! What are we fighting for? You are my brothers! Each one I would die for!
Wake Up
I hate you, Can't you feel the pain?
My Gift To You
I'm trying to hold it together, Head is lighter than a feather, Looks like I'm not getting better
Coming Undone
I would come walking in, and I'd say hello, But you slap me, And you make some f**ked up comment about my clothes
Kill You
In the sea of life, you're just a minnow, Live your life insecure,
Good God
Stand up, nobody's dying to save you! Speak up, nobody's waiting to see you! Wake up, nobody's working to pay you!
Now I see the times they change, Leaving doesn't seem so strange
Alone I Break
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