Guess Every Nothing but Thieves Song Based on Its First Line

Quiz by Fempire
Last updated: April 10, 2023
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I love the night, but not the stars. The fame suckers in their block-long cars.
If you open my chest, see that two hearts are beating, fallen out of sync.
Neon Brother
I walk beside myself, to see what's left of you and me.
Free If We Want It
All that afterlife, I don't hold with it.
Graveyard Whistling
We met when we were young. I told you where to go.
Wake-Up Call
Every light is blinding. Every minute lasts all day.
Drawing Pins
Welcome to the DCC, Dead Club City.
Welcome to the DCC
Afterlife. Oh, what a terrible thought.
They're shutting down the protest. Yeah, we're so on trend.
There's a rumbling in my head. It's getting louder.
Sometimes the cord likes to break. Sometimes a light tries to bend away.
Six Billion
Cut me off from the rest of the world. It's my addiction.
Ban All the Music
Our thoughts and prayers shall salvage the earth.
Ce n'est rien
I saw you down the neighbourhood. Then I understood.
Is Everybody Going Crazy?
I wonder where I float to, when I return to dust.
Before We Drift Away
People don't know much. Need a whiskey crush to think of something new.
This is the last day of my life. Yours, too.
Moral Panic
I couldn't be anything that I didn't wanna be. It's stubborn as hell or a problem with authority.
Can You Afford to Be an Individual?
Oh, look at this place. What a waste, it's such a mess.
This Feels like the End
Sharing secrets with another world. Rubbing shoulders with some unknown lovers.
Trip Switch
You know it's your blood that I bleed. Tell me that there's some way that I'll get through the night.
Your Blood
Blue one is a little chiller. Use it to take the edge off a touch.
Down in the gutter and looking for trouble, or something to that effect.
Forever & Ever More
Lover, I know you're weary.
Lover, Please Stay
This party's pretty boring. I don't think it's for me.
Honey Whiskey
This is a love song, real love. Dirty, rip-out-the-whole-of-your-soul love.
Real Love Song
Summer was long, and it's suffocating when you're alone.
You Know Me Too Well
If I were you, I'd treat them better. If I were you, I'd settle the weather.
If I Were You
I think it's the time to hold down rewind. Tear this city down.
Reset Me
I know you think I'm kinda strange. Sitting in this microwave.
Get Better
When I'm in the dark, sometimes I feel like a hostage.
The TV tells us to descale. We'll make a difference if we care.
Live like Animals
The sand in the hourglass keeps dripping away. Yeah, you can turn it over, but the feeling stays the same.
Life's Coming in Slow
You might me kill with desire. Wind me tighter than a wire.
I feel younger every day. The more I grow, the less I seem to know.
Take This Lonely Heart
Oh, you're bringing me down to my knees. First I'm your predator, then I'm your prey.
Number 13
I'm an exception. It's hard to accept.
It's been like a year since I've been home. Falling with an addiction I can't shake up.
Darling, I'm gonna build you something.
Tempt You (Evocatio)
Gods are raining down. They flood the town with their holy water.
I live on oxygen, a bastard monkey boy.
I'm Not Made by Design
I'll meet you at the divide, to break the spell.
If I Get High
It's just a little bit warmer, than you're used to up above.
Hell, Yeah
Took a breath, let it go. Felt the moment settle.
I'm just a broken machine. I can do anything.
Broken Machine
His space crowds out your space. His space crowds out hers.
Excuse Me
I went to see a psychic on a downtown LA street.
Miracle, Baby
We lose all control of our sense, so slowly. Give them up until we're defenseless, so surely.
I'll light two cigarettes. I'll give you one.
I was just a kid. I needed answers.
I Was Just a Kid
There was sun, shone down upon me.
There Was Sun
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