Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ALL CREATURES

This quiz contains every creature that is mentioned in the Harry Potter universe, including the Fantastic Beast films and Newt Scamander's book: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Note: some of the answers are not deemed a 'beast' as such, but are not fully human.
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Last updated: December 21, 2023
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Large Spider, originating from Borneo. Can also be found in the forbidden forest.
Fire serpent which makes nests in magical fires. Their eggs can be used in potion making.
Also known as the Irish Phoenix. Their cries signify rain.
Created by Herpo the Foul. Its gaze is fatal and the beast can be killed by the crow of a rooster. One can be found underneath Hogwarts.
A magical insect. Its dried stings are used in Fizzing Whizzbees.
These beasts are used in Hagrid's lessons of care of magical creatures and one is later used in the maze in the tri-wizard tournament. They resemble some sort of scorpion.
Blast Ended Skrewt
A twig-like creature that resides in trees that produce wand wood. Newt Scamander is rather close with one named Pickett.
Resembles a greenish fungi/pest with eyes. Its secretion is used in magical cleaning fluids.
Half-man and half-horse. These creatures are gifted in divination and astronomy.
Guards the entrance to the Philosopher's Stone. Fluffy.
Grindelwald's pet called Antonio.
A Greek beast consisting of a lion's head, a goat's body and a dragon's tail.
Magical parasites that feed on magical objects. Without magic, they are attracted to electricity.
Resembles a cross between a monkey and a frog. The pustule on its forehead flashes red in the presence of danger.
Very closely resembles a Jack Russel Terrier except it has a forked tail.
Used to guard Azkaban. A kiss from this will suck out your soul.
Found in the Far East. This creature can tell the future and can make itself invisible. Newt Scamander has a pet one of these named Dougal.
A flightless bird that can vanish and reappear at will.
Two of the same animal sharing the same body (at either end). Can be purchased at Magical Menagerie.
Double-Ended Newt
A pest which closely resembles a fairy. The Weasley family and Harry remove these pests from the curtains at Grimmauld Place.
A fire-breathing beast. Variations of this beast are the next 10 answers.
^ Native to New Zealand, they have pearlescent scales and breathe a vivid scarlet flame.
Antipodean Opaleye
^ Named after the shape their flames take. Viktor Krum faces one of these.
Chinese Fireball
^ A rogue one of these is responsible for the Ilfracombe incident. Fleur Delacour faces one of these.
Common Welsh Green
^ Native to Scotland.
Hebridean Black
^ The most violent of its kind. Harry Potter faces one of these.
Hungarian Horntail
^ Hagrid had a pet one of these, named Norbert(a).
Norwegian Ridgeback
^ Native to South America. Has venomous fangs.
Peruvian Vipertooth
^ Lives in the Carpathian Mountains. Its horns are valued in potion making.
Romanian Longhorn
^ Cedric Diggory faces one of these.
Swedish Short-snout
^ The largest of these creatures. One is used to guard the lower vaults at Gringotts Bank.
Ukrainian Ironbelly
Lives in bodies of water. This creature resembles a log of wood.
Elfish creatures which live in the Forest. Originated from Germany and enjoy eating children.
A huge grey beast. Xenophilius Lovegood had a horn from this beast on a wall at his home. Newt Scamander and Jacob Kowalski have to capture this beast in a zoo.
A small human like creature with wings. Very popular in muggle literature.
Has a heavily jewelled shell and shoots fire from its behind when under attack.
Fire Crab
Kept in a cage by the Circus Arcanus which Credence Barebone releases during his and Nagini's escape.
Incredibly boring beasts which are studied in Hagrid's lessons. Their secretion is used in potion making.
A magical variation of a small sea creature which can fly when provoked.
Flying Seahorse
This beast has highly coloured feathers and listening to its song can drive the listener insane. These can be kept in a vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy.
There is one of the creatures living in the attic in The Burrow.
Olympe Maxime and Rubeus Hagrid go searching for these north east of Minsk.
A huge magical variation of an insect. Newt Scamander has these roaming in his suitcase.
Giant Dung Beetle
The warts of these creatures are sold at Magical Menagerie. These can be kept in a vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy.
Giant Purple Toad
An aquatic beast that lives in Hogwarts lake. Likes to eat toast.
Giant Squid
Tiny creatures which have a light organ capable of flashing. They were often used as bait by wizarding fishers.
Glow Bug
Known to infest bee hives. Their secretion can cause melancholy but is also useful to cure uncontrollable laughter.
These creatures are known for digging up lawns, the Weasley's quite often have problems with them in their garden.
Speak Gobbledegook and are known for their superior metalworks. Gringotts is run by these beings.
Newt Scamander has the last breeding pair of these beasts in his suitcase along with two of their young. These beasts can also be kept in a vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy.
There is a golden statue of this beast that guards the entrance to Dumbledore's office.
A water dwelling creature that has strong, yet brittle fingers. Fleur Delacour withdrew from the second task of the Tri-wizard Tournament due to these creatures.
A savage being that looks like an ugly, old witch. Likes to eat children.
Created when a Demiguise and a Ghoul bred. Has grey-silver hair and can shape shift.
A one legged creature that resembles wispy smoke. Likes to lure travellers off their path.
A Greek beast that is half-horse, half-fish.
Half-eagle, half-horse. Buckbeak is one.
Magical frog-headed creature with horns. When powdered the effects of this creature's horns can make a person immune to alcohol.
Boring creatures that resemble spiky toadstools. Its juice can be used in Wiggenweld potion.
A large magical snake. One of Ilvermorny's houses is named after this creature.
Horned Serpent
These 'creatures' enjoy serving a master. A collection of them work in the kitchens at Hogwarts.
House Elf
Has a slapstick sense of humour.
Resembles a rabbit with antlers.
A large ferret that shouts proclivities at people.
This creature doesn't make any sound, until it dies, and then it replays every sound it has heard. Their feathers are used in truth serums. Can be kept in a vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy.
Japanese water demon. Has an indent on the top of its head which stores water.
A shape-shifting sea creature. Newt Scamander has one in his basement. The Loch Ness Monster is supposedly one of these.
Greatly resembles a hedgehog but will get violent if offered food.
An intelligent, magical cat-like creature. Crookshanks is a half-breed of this creature.
A small human-like creature which can create a gold substance that vanishes within a couple of hours. Ireland used these as their mascot during the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.
A black creature that resembles a cloak, suffocates people in their sleep and leaves no trace. Can be banished using a patronus.
A large hooved beast that resembles a moose whose mouth looks too big for it. Newt Scamander has one in his basement.
Resides at the bottom of the Black Sea. Consists of a venom sac which intelligent sea creatures used as weapons.
Resembled a lobster with grey skin. A bite from this animal will make the victim extremely unlucky for a week.
Mackled Malaclaw
A Greek beast with the a head of a man, the body of a lion and the tail of a scorpion. A sting from this beast will kill instantly.
A squid-like magical beast. These are translucent and glow.
Resembles a large black cat with big, light blue eyes. Found in the French Ministry of Magic. They are not dangerous unless attacked.
Intelligent sea beings that are very popular with muggles. Half-human, half-fish.
A lizard which gets smaller when approached by an enemy. Their skin is used therefore to make protective bags. Hagrid gifts Harry Potter a bag made from this animal's skin.
Shy beasts that come out of hiding during a full moon. Once in moonlight, they perform a complicated dance. Can be kept in a vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy.
The essence of this creature is used to cure Harry Potter's cuts caused by Umbridge's quill.
White krill-like creatures that glow.
Attracted to shiny objects. Newt Scamander has one named Teddy.
Resembles a piglet, this beast brings blight to farms and can be effectively removed by it being chased by a pure white dog.
Possibly the most deadly of all beasts. Resembles a gigantic leopard. Its breath causes plague and disease and has never been taken down by less than 100 witches/wizards.
This creature can grow or shrink to fit the available space and its egg shells are made of the softest silver.
One of these Japanese beasts was kept at the Circus Arcanus is France. They are large, horned, rather ugly, humanoid creatures.
Magical varieties of this animal are use to deliver mail between magic folk. Students at Hogwarts are also allowed one as a pet.
A rare creature that has a very long life span due to being reborn from its own ashes. One of these creatures is very loyal to the Dumbledore family.
Gilderoy Lockhart lets a bunch of a Cornish variety of these out on a rampage during one of his DADA lessons.
Not dangerous but nibbled on the feet of unsuspecting swimmers. Considered a pest by intelligent sea creatures, this animal would be got rid of by tying its rubbery legs together and floating off.
A Russian demon that enjoyed following humans. This caused the human to feel lethargic and depressed and once crouched down in despair, this creature would devour them.
These creatures are small, horse guardians. They walk on two hooves and hide at the sight of humans.
A very popular wizard pet. It's very fluffy and has a long tongue which it often sticks up the noses of humans in order to eat their bogeys. Can be kept in a vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy.
Short and grey humanoid creature with large ears. One of Ilvermorny's houses is named after this creature.
Sold in Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Ginny Weasley has a pet one named Arnold.
Pygmy Puff
Very rare beasts. Native to china, it is half-horse, half-dragon. The walk of this creature is used to determine the next Supreme Mugwump.
Also known as Hairy MacBoon and live on an island off of Scotland.
An immensely powerful magical silver fish that had the ability to anchor ships.
Inhabit wherever human blood had been spilt. They attack those who are lost.
Red Cap
Resembles a giant ox with a golden hide. Its blood gives the drinker immense strength.
A giant, three-headed serpent, each of its heads served a different function.
Its blood is used in strengthening solution. This creature lives in fires but can survive outside of a fire if fed pepper. Fred and George Weasley feed this creature a firework.
A water dwelling beast with a horse like head and a snake like body. It rises in humps out of the water.
Sea Serpent
A gigantic fresh-water sea beast that is carnivorous and native to Norway.
A water dwelling fish like creature covered in spines which tear open fisherman's nets.
This bird-reptile hybrid has a bulletproof hide and steel fangs. Its heartstrings can be used as wand cores in America.
Previously used in games of Quidditch, the seeker used to try and catch this animal to win the game.
Guards entrances by asking riddles. Becomes violent if the wrong answer is given. One is used during the Tri-Wizard tournament.
A magical snail which changes colour every hour and produces highly poisonous slime.
Blue and green winged beast. It feeds on human brains and its diluted venom is used to erase bad memories.
Swooping Evil
A grey, magical warthog. It could make itself invisible and its hide was used in protective clothing.
A magical flying beast which can create storms as it flew. Ilvermorny has a house named after this animal and Newt Scamander had one named Frank.
A variation of spider that lives in the Forbidden Forest (not to be confused with another beast). For anyone who has played Hogwarts Legacy, players may be used to battling these creatures.
A very large humanoid creature that is immensely strong but also very stupid. One of these is found in the dungeon in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.
Beautiful magical creatures that have many magical properties and are similar to horses but with a horn. They are very popular with muggles.
A dark, magical humanoid being that is famed for biting the neck of people for blood.
Human-like magical beings that are very attractive. Bulgaria used these as their mascot in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. Fleur Delacour's grandmother is one.
A house in Ilvermorny School is named after this beast. Resembles a cougar and is nearly impossible to kill. Drinking the tears of this beast could cause the drinker to rapidly lose their memory.
Wampus Cat
Usually resembles a human but every full moon the human will turn in to this beast. Remus Lupin is one.
A large, winged beast that can inflate part of its body. Newt Scamander has one in his suitcase. These creatures were prevalent in Middle-age England.
Magical species of horse. The next four answers are variations of this beast.
Winged Horse:
^ Only drinks single-malt whiskey. Pulls the Beauxbatons carriage.
^ Chestnut in colour. (sorry, not a lot to go on for this beast)
^ Grey in colour. Its hair is used in potion making.
^ Only visible to those who have seen death. Pull the Hogwarts carriages.
Native to tibet and covered in white hair to camouflage it against the snow. Also known as Bigfoot. Gilderoy Lockhart has a book with this animal.
A large, feline-like beast that can travel miles with one leap. Newt Scamander encounters an escaped one from the Circus Arcanus, which he befriends and it later helps him escape from the French Ministry of Magic.
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