Johnny's General Knowledge Quiz #5

Answer these random trivia questions.
Quiz by johnnyaitch
Last updated: April 25, 2015
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First submittedMay 7, 2012
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What is sodium chloride commonly known as?
Who collaborated with Eminem on "Love the Way You Lie"?
What was the original name of Facebook?
What is the drug Propecia meant to alleviate?
What do Arabica Beans produce?
What sandwich did McDonald's create to satisfy the dietary restrictions of Catholics?
In which city would you find Bondi Beach?
What child actor was the star of "Home Alone"?
Macaulay Culkin
What athlete was called "His Airness"?
Michael Jordan
What common piece of lab equipment produces a single open gas flame?
Bunsen Burner
What 2006 comedy foreshadows a future of nimwits?
What is the currency of India?
What is the collective nickname of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?
What company makes the 787 Dreamliner?
Hilary Swank won a best actress award for her role in what 2004 movie?
Million Dollar Baby
What country is known as Österreich in its native language?
What moves during REM sleep?
The Eyes
What "island" hosts a famous hot-dog eating contest on July 4th?
Coney Island
If my closest friends are Toshio and Hideki, what country do I most likely live in?
Fill in the blank: What we've got here is failure to ___________
Level 80
Mar 16, 2012
Can you accept alopecia for baldness?
Level 70
May 1, 2012
Ok. Alopecia will work now.
Level 58
Sep 9, 2015
Missed the last question!
Level 59
Nov 10, 2016
Cool Hand Luke
Level 90
Jan 15, 2013
Only missed Idiocracy. As my ignorance on this subject is rivaled only by my apathy... I'm okay with it.
Level 77
Mar 30, 2015
Filet O Fish does not work. "Fish" works, but not the actual name.
Level 84
Apr 24, 2015
This. It accepted Filet OF Fish though.
Level ∞
Apr 25, 2015
Level 65
Dec 28, 2018
Fish didnt work for me, I tried fishburger...
Level 41
Jun 23, 2015
Table salt is the true term for sodium chloride, since there are many salts out there.
Level 20
Oct 20, 2016
So you ask someone to pass the "table salt" over, instead of just the salt?
Level 44
Oct 28, 2016
The official name for the sodium chloride which we can eat, is actually 'table salt'. But only if you are strictly talking about chemistry then Crimsoncross is correct, because it is rarely referred to as such. The only reason it is not simply called 'salt' is because there are hundreds of different salts, such as potassium dichromate which is definitely not something you want to be adding to your food. You're all right in effect however
Level 38
Dec 19, 2016
Technically they're right. There are many different salts we ingest on a daily basis, but table salt is pretty uniformly known as salt
Level 71
Jun 1, 2017
crimsoncross84 wins the 'Gold Nitpicker' medal for June 2013........ well done.
Level 44
Dec 7, 2015
I don't understand the Japanese one, anyone care to explain??
Level 71
Feb 29, 2016
Those are both names that are presumably popular in Japan, and not in most other countries.
Level 27
May 3, 2016
dammmn, kept telling myself it cannot be salt b/c that's natrium chloride... didn't know natrium was the same as sodium :D
Level 38
Dec 19, 2016
Yeah if you speak Latin. Do you call mercury quicksilver too?
Level 65
Dec 28, 2018
Ehm sodium is the odd one out here, I believe only english (both of them) does not use the word natrium, other languages do. And yes not mercury but a translation of quicksilver is used in other languages, and kalium not potassium. When someone says oxygen, do you say they speak latin? They are just the names for the elements, they are, what they are called. A few just deviate from how it is written in other language (i.e. remained their original name)
Level 40
Jul 4, 2016
It's actually Bradgelina not Brangelina
Level 57
Sep 26, 2016
Might want to change that Brangelina one now... :3
Level 75
Apr 21, 2018
So much pop culture, which I really do not stand a chance at. Not a fan.
Level 78
Apr 1, 2021
Aaarrrgghhh, I tried McCaulay and McCulkin, but not Culkin!!!