Johnny's General Knowledge Quiz #6

Answer these random trivia questions.
Quiz by johnnyaitch
Last updated: March 28, 2015
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First submittedMay 9, 2012
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In which trivia board game do players try to collect 6 wedges?
Trivial Pursuit
What company makes the Fit, Element, and Odyssey?
What is the official language of Namibia?
What is a post on Twitter called?
What is the largest city in Latvia?
Who wrote "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"?
James Joyce
Who composed an orchestral piece called "The Planets"?
Gustav Holst
What is the only doubly landlocked country in Asia?
What movie was based on the exploits of con artist Frank Abagnale?
Catch Me if You Can
What technology, film, and music festival is abbreviated SXSW?
South by Southwest
What term refers to the amount of time it takes for a radioactive substance to decay by half?
What type of pizza is topped with ham and pineapple?
Hawaiian Pizza
In the movie "Wedding Crashers", what does Will Ferrell's character crash?
Who is also known as "The Caped Crusader"?
In what country was Pope John Paul II born?
What country's largest city is Lagos?
What is the name of Microsoft's search engine?
What band recorded "Paint It, Black" in 1966?
The Rolling Stones
What country has the most people whose first name is João?
Fill in the blank: "You want the _____? You can't handle the _____"
Level 16
May 8, 2012
I wrote Hawaii and it didn't work. I think it should be accepted, too.
Level 58
Jun 15, 2015
I tried "nasty" as the pizza with pineapple, but, sadly, that did not work.
Level 37
Aug 30, 2016
I even wrote "pizza hawaii" and it dind't work
Level 36
Mar 5, 2019
Yeah, Pizza Hawaii should count. That's what it's called in most countries.
Level 89
Apr 11, 2013
What does "doubly landlocked" mean?
Level 61
Apr 25, 2013
i just figured it out. i means all of the countries surrounding it are also land locked
Level 62
Oct 10, 2015
Yeah. Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein are the only doubly landlocked countries.
Level 52
Aug 14, 2017
Ahh. Thank you. I was trying to figure that out, too.
Level 29
Dec 26, 2014
i had no idea about that one too.
Level 26
Oct 11, 2015
Anyone else wrote "weddings" for the Wedding Crashers' question?
Level 84
May 20, 2017
I tried "forklifts". :-)
Level 78
Jan 11, 2018
Haven't seen the movie, but I guessed "a funeral" and now feel a little unlucky
Level 55
Jun 12, 2018
pleased to learn what doubly land locked means, a splendid bit of trivia
Level 38
Feb 7, 2019
I wrote Hawaii and when it didn't work I thought he was one of the good ones. so the answer must be "fruit doesn't go on pizza.
Level 75
May 1, 2019
Is it just myself who is sad that more people know about Batman then know about Holst (despite my valiant attempt to redress the imbalance)?
Level 28
Oct 11, 2020
I wish I was as cultured as you good sir.
Level 61
Jul 13, 2019
I knew his 1st name was Gustav, just couldn't remember the last name for some reason. But his compositions are good.
Level 72
Oct 19, 2020
"Jupiter" is best.
Level 61
Jul 13, 2019
Feel good for getting Uzbekistan.
Level 61
Jul 13, 2019
Can't believe only 70 got Caped Crusader.
Level 62
Sep 5, 2019
Microsoft Edge
Level 57
Feb 1, 2021
The Planets is a suite, not a piece
Level 83
Dec 24, 2021
I protest! "Monstrosity" wasn't accepted for the pizza question.