Three Groups of 7 Quiz

Can you guess the members of these three different groups of 7?
Largest economies by Purchasing Power Parity, 2019
Quiz by johnnyaitch
Last updated: October 12, 2019
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First submittedApril 15, 2012
Times taken7,430
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First 7 Multiples of 3
Largest Economy Countries
United States
Level 33
May 1, 2012
You should add america as a spelling for the united states
Level 15
Jan 29, 2014
I don't know why people refer to The United States of America as just America... it's lazy.. and very wrong.
Level 26
Apr 27, 2014
Jerry928, I am Canadian and me and the majority of the people I know refer to USers as Americans, but I don't think that it should be accepted as an answer for the United States when you can simply type USA.
Level 75
Sep 16, 2015
Amiiville, do you also complain about the people from Republic of China being called Chinese, or people from the Commonwealth of Australia being called Australians? I don't hear too many people calling them Republic of Chinese or Commonwealth of Australians, nor do I hear them called "Republic-ers" or "Commonwealthers". Micronesians are not called "Federationers" or FSers. Why do people keep harping on about this?
Level 51
Dec 16, 2021
But *jacobszekula*, I don't think "Americans" means only for people of the USA, but it means anyone from "North and South America". Simply, a person from "Brazil is a Brazilian", but he's an "American" in the first place and then, "Brazilian". Similarly, a person from "Mexico" is "American" first and then, "Mexican", etc.

So, yes, as you said, I think typing just "America" for "USA" is not accepted.

Level 51
Dec 16, 2021
Oh boy *ander217*, you clearly are talking about one thing and forgetting something.

Remember, there is a problem of understanding when people say just "America" because it's not just "a single country", even the continents are also called "Americas"! As I said in my above comment, all the people from "North and South America" are *Americans* FIRST and *Mexican, Canadian, Guatemalan, Argentinian, Chilean, etc.* NEXT.

So, there will be a clear doubt to someone if you just say "America/American", it's NOT WRONG, but it's confusing.

So, it's always better to say "I'm from the USA" rather than just using "I am American". (it's still acceptable tho, just a little confusing that whether he/she is from the country AMERICA or the continents AMERICAS)

Coming to *China/Republic of China* and *Commonwealth of Australia*, there's no other country or place with that name, so you can undoubtedly say *Chinese* and *Australian*

Level 21
Jul 27, 2012
the fact that some people didn't get 100% is very upsetting
Level 60
Aug 9, 2020
lol, am I the only one who had all multiples of three wrong? I just wrote them down in letters. Lmao. Btw, maybe this is the reason why there are people without 100% score.