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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user AJRLover.
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1482024-01-12Minecraft Quiz: All Enchantments
1192024-02-02Ninjago Quiz
1102024-04-07Ultimate Bluey Quiz
982024-02-05Name all Gen Three Pokémon
942024-01-19Type 1 To 100
862024-02-18Spiderman Quiz
822024-03-22Name ALL of the Mario Video Games
762024-01-06All Ninjago Seasons
642023-12-15Name All Star Wars Movies/TV Shows
622024-03-04Name All Of the Pixar Movies
522024-02-18Type From A To Z
492024-02-27Spiderman Name Quiz
472024-03-14Name all Illumination Movies Quiz
462024-01-17Name All Minecraft Trees
442024-03-08Minecraft Quiz: All Villagers Jobs
442024-01-15Name the Dessert
432024-01-17Name all Countries Starting With B
422024-01-12Minecraft Quiz: All Potion Effects
422024-03-05Minecraft Quiz: All Biomes
422024-03-04Top 10 Most Populated Countries in The World
402024-01-17Name all Countries Starting With C
382024-03-25Name All Minecraft Tools
382024-01-13All Zodiac signs
372024-01-12Name All Gen Two Pokémon
352024-03-27Which Category is it (Minecraft)
342024-01-17Name All Minecraft Ores
342024-01-17Name all Countries Starting With A
332024-01-06Pokémon Anime Quiz
322024-03-12Name All the Minecraft Mobs
322024-02-04Disney Princess Quiz
312023-12-18Name All the Eeveelutions
292023-12-17United States Map Quiz
292024-02-16Three letter Animal Quiz
282024-03-07All Dreamworks Movies Quiz
282024-03-13Ultimate Marvel Quiz
282024-01-08Name All the Chess Pieces
272024-03-16Foods by Country of Origin
272024-01-13Name All Of the Animated Disney Movies
262024-03-24Brand Logos Quiz #1
262024-03-25General Knowledge Quiz #2
262024-02-01All Planets of the Solar System
252024-02-16General Knowledge Quiz #1
252024-01-12Four Letter Animal Quiz
242024-02-16Marvel Black Panther Quiz
242024-02-21Marvel Characters that were in the Endgame Fight
242024-01-06Bluey Characters Dog Breed
242024-04-07Name All the Bluey Episodes
242024-03-27All Minecraft Music Discs
242024-02-03Magnus Chase Quiz
222024-02-24Scrabble Words With YouTube
222024-02-16Elements of the Periodic Table
212024-01-17All Minecraft Dye Colors
212024-03-19Mario Characters Quiz
202024-03-27General Knowledge Quiz #3
192024-03-12All Mario Power-Ups
192024-02-18Name the Bluey Character by Dog Breed
192024-03-27General Knowledge Quiz #4
182024-03-24Brand Logos Quiz #2
172024-03-07Name all Disney Junior Shows
172024-03-04Name all The Harry Potter Books
162024-02-04Name all Hogwarts Houses
162024-01-08Guess the Harry Potter Horcrux Quiz
162024-03-14Continents Quiz
152024-01-17Countries of Europe
142024-03-06Name All Nickelodeon Movies
142024-01-13All Monopoly Game Tokens
142024-02-27All Super Smash Bros. Characters
132024-02-16Name All Countries of the World
132024-02-14Name all of Taylor Swift's Albums
132024-03-06Name All Sony Pictures Movies
132024-03-16Minecraft Foods Quiz
112024-02-22Harry Potter Last Name Quiz
102024-01-17Name All Blue Skys Movies
102024-02-19Harry Potter Magical Items by Owner
102024-03-14Name all Gen Four Pokémon
102024-02-05All Pokémon TV Show Seasons
92024-02-16Name the Marvel Characters
82024-02-05Name all Gen One Pokémon
72024-02-23Pokemon in Real Life
72024-02-04Name all Parts of the Atmosphere
72024-02-09Marvel Characters by Clue
62024-03-24Name All Kirby Video Games
42024-02-04Name all Mario Wonder Power-Ups