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7,3362021-08-05European languages with more than 1,000 speakers
4,6642018-09-24Top 200 World Languages
3,8552017-03-06World Ethnicities
3,1552022-09-08Contemporary Ethnic Groups of Europe
2,9332024-02-29TOP 500 World Languages
1,5692022-09-08Ethnic Groups in the United States
1,3222018-08-05Top 100 Baby Girl Names in Spain for 2017
9692018-08-05Top 100 Baby Boy Names in Spain for 2017
9432020-06-21World Religious Affiliations
5962019-11-12Extinct or Dead Languages of Europe
4102020-06-21Ethnic Groups in Spain
3922019-08-04Ethnic Groups in the United Kingdom
3772018-09-15US Languages with more than 10,000 speakers
3502022-09-18All X-Men Members
3072018-09-17Idiomas hablados en España
2952018-08-23World Language Families
2622017-08-24Europe states at 1400 AD
2612018-08-26Contemporary Varieties of the Arabic Language
2482018-09-08Native Languages of Italy
2432020-06-12Autonomous Subdivisions of the World
2332018-09-10Ethnic Groups in Canada
2132018-08-01English Dialects
2122019-08-03Latin Script Languages with 1 million speakers
1972018-08-25Idiomas de origen del léxico castellano
1842018-09-16Languages of Argentina
1692018-07-31Contemporary Writing Systems
1672018-08-27Romance Languages
1662018-07-31Galician Diaspora
1382018-08-24Cyrillic Script Languages
1322018-08-05Countries who ever had an elected or appointed female head of state or government
1262018-08-15Spanish Dialects
1182016-08-11Europe states at 1200 AD
1102018-07-30Religion in Spain
1082018-08-15Stateless Nationalisms in Europe
1082018-07-31Most Spoken Creole Languages in the World
1032019-11-14States in the Iberian Peninsula (Former and Contemporary)
972018-09-17Grupos étnicos en España
972018-11-18Living creoles languages parent languages
952018-08-04Most Populous Islands of European Countries (With Exceptions)
932018-08-05Countries with Free and Universal Health Care
882018-09-16Languages spoken in Spain
812016-08-11Europe states at 1300 AD
792018-09-16120 idiomas europeos con más hablantes
762016-08-10Europe states at 1100 AD
692018-09-16Languages of Canada
642016-11-08Europe states at 1000 AD
612018-08-05Most Populous Islands and Atolls of Oceania
552017-09-22Female Rulers
532018-08-06Countries with elected or appointed female heads of state or government
452018-08-04Inhabited Islands of Spain
232020-06-14Europe states at 1070 AD
132018-08-05Top 50 Nomes de Nenos Recén Nacidos en Galicia en 2016
102018-08-05Top 50 Nomes de Nenas Recén Nacidas en Galicia en 2016
82018-08-05Diáspora Galega