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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Azerk.
# of Quizzes 90
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Times taken 6,471
Quizmaker Rank # 2,347
1,3612023-01-19Randomized Homophones Quiz
4382022-04-26Category Elimination - Clash Royale #1
4062018-06-20Top 10 Imagine Dragons songs by popularity
3092018-06-20Countries by Outline Picture
2612023-04-10Hidden Elements #1
1882022-03-07The Only Clash Royale Card ...
1732022-03-18The Only Clash Royale Card ... 2
1542018-07-23Países por 2 colores y una palabra
1412022-03-22The Only Clash Royale Card ... 3
1062018-09-03Biggest 5 Cities in each US Time Zone
972022-02-22Just Change One Letter #1
882018-06-20Países por cuadro de contorno
882023-05-02C Challenge - Random Questions
862018-07-15Baldi's Basics Quiz
802022-02-27Just Change One Letter #4
712022-02-22Just Change One Letter #2
692022-01-31A Challenge - Random Questions
672022-02-11F Challenge - Random Questions
662023-02-09R Challenge - Random Questions
642023-01-09Category Elimination - Clash Royale #2
622018-07-15Countries by 2 colors and a word
612023-02-09O Challenge - Random Questions
612022-02-15G Challenge - Random Questions
602022-05-17Name a Valid Prefix #1
592023-02-09B Challenge - Random Questions
582023-02-09E Challenge - Random Questions
572022-02-04K Challenge - Random Questions
562022-02-18Z Challenge - Random Questions
562023-05-22Obfuscations of Video Game Titles #1
532023-02-09T Challenge - Random Questions
502022-02-24Just Change One Letter #3
502023-02-09S Challenge - Random Questions
502018-07-23Pair of Cities
492023-02-09J Challenge - Random Questions
492023-02-02Just Add One Letter #2
492023-01-03Name a Valid Prefix #2
472023-02-05H Challenge - Random Questions
442022-02-21Wordle Word Relay
432023-02-09P Challenge - Random Questions
422023-02-09V Challenge - Random Questions
422022-04-26Words With Two Plural Forms
412022-05-25W Challenge - Random Questions
402022-09-23D Challenge - Random Questions
392018-09-19Top 10 Mario Games
382022-02-07Q Challenge - Random Questions
382020-09-08Jackbox Games Party Packs Quiz
362022-06-04The Only Remaining TPOT Character...
362023-02-08L Challenge - Random Questions
352022-04-21Words that End with -TCH
332023-03-02Random Subdivision to Country
332023-02-28M Challenge - Random Questions
322023-04-10Hidden Elements #2
302023-04-26Famous People by Last Name
302018-07-13Shades of Blue
292018-06-20Fill in the Missing Word Chunks #1
292022-04-08Just Add One Letter #1
282018-06-21Biggest 5 Municipalities in Japanese Prefectures #1 - Kanto
272018-07-23Biggest 5 Municipalities in Japanese Prefectures #2 - Kansai
272023-02-09X Challenge - Random Questions
262023-02-09N Challenge - Random Questions
252023-04-18Countries with the Fewest Letters Bordering Each Other
252023-03-17Countries with the Most Letters Bordering Each Other
252023-02-09U Challenge - Random Questions
242023-03-28Y Challenge - Random Questions
242022-04-13Famous People by Japanese Name
212023-04-05I Challenge - Random Questions
202022-02-25Words with Only 3 Unique Letters
202017-05-09Pokemon Evolutions 2
192018-07-15Countries with the Higest Modal Shares using Rail
192017-05-09Pokemon Evolutions
182023-05-01Events in U.S. History by Synonyms
182023-01-24Symbols in Luck Be A Landlord
172022-12-21Words by Three Hints 2
172018-09-19Stations of the Tobu Tojo Line
172023-02-02Groups of Three - Clash Royale
162022-01-24The Various "Days"
162023-05-08Word Syllable Chain
152022-09-14Australia, Francisco Franco, Jeans, or Elephant?
122022-05-24Words by Three Hints
112023-05-04Number Chain
102023-05-11Fast Math - Averaging Numbers
82023-04-27Countries on a Cross Between the Equator and Prime Meridian
82023-05-22Obfuscations of Video Game Titles #2
82023-03-13English Words by Etymological Origin
52023-01-23Monsters in My Singing Monsters by Consonants
42023-05-02Elements Spelled Out By Other Elements
42022-12-21Elements with Equal Protons and Neutrons
32022-09-26Cities: Skylines DLCs
22022-11-20Tokyo Major Stations by Chunks #1
22022-11-20Tokyo Major Stations by Chunks #2