Statistics for Cities by Clues

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It is located on an islandIt includes many other islandsIt is a capital and a largest cityJakarta
It is located on an islandIt borders two oceansIt has a population of 5.4 millionSingapore
It was home to one of the Wonders of the Ancient WorldIt is located in AfricaIt borders the Mediterranean SeaAlexandria
It is landlockedIt is the most populous on it's continentIt is a capitalMoscow
It is landlockedIt is located in the Middle EastIt is a capitalRiyadh
It is capital of an ancient empireIt is a modern day capitalIt is the largest city in the countryRome
It is located near the edge of another continentThe average temperature is 90 degrees FahrenheitIt borders the Pacific OceanPanama City
It is located in AsiaThe elevation is just under 12,000 ftIt is a capital of a regionLhasa
It is a French speaking cityIt is located on an IslandIt has a population of 1.65 MillionMontreal
It is located on a PeninsulaIt is very close to the border of another countryIt is landlockedSeoul
It is located on a peninsulaIt is located in EuropeIt is located on a lakeStockholm
It means Abode of PeaceIt borders the Indian OceanIt is the largest city in it's countryDar es Salaam
It is located on an islandIt is one wordIt is a capitalReykjavik
It borders the Indian OceanIt is located on a country with no land bordersIt is the capital of a statePerth
It is located on a peninsulaThe average temperature is 68 degrees FahrenheitIt has a population of about 500,000Miami

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