History by Countries #1

Can you answer the five history questions about each of these countries?
Quiz by WolfCam
Last updated: January 31, 2018
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From which country did the Romans take Spain from?
What was the name for the Muslim Group who Controlled Spain?
What ended in 1492?
Who led Spain during World War II?
Francisco Franco
Who voted to secede from Spain in 2017?
What was invented around 700 AD?
What city was taken from the Chinese, by the British?
Hong Kong
What was the last dynasty?
Qing Dynasty
What country was annexed in 1950?
Who started the "Great Leap Forward"?
Mao Zedong
What was the Sun God of Ancient Egypt?
What Wonder of the World was built on Egypt's North Coast?
Lighthouse of Alexandria
What was found in Egypt in 1798 by Napoleon's Army?
Rosetta Stone
What Empire Conquered Egypt in 1517?
Ottoman Empire
What event led to the overthrow of many governments in North Africa in 2010?
Arab Spring
What ancient civilization died out around 1800 BC?
Who led the Spanish conquest of the Aztec?
Hernan Cortes
What modern city was built on Tenochtitlan?
Mexico City
What country conquered about half of Mexico in the early 1800s?
United States
What was the name for the telegraph meant to convince Mexico to attack the U.S?
Zimmerman Telegraph
What country's capital was located in modern Turkey in the 300s?
Roman Empire
What event led to the form of the Latin Empire which contained Modern Istanbul?
Fourth Crusade
What group of people conquered the Byzantines?
Seljuk Turks
Which war resulted in the collapse of the Ottoman Empire?
World War I
What association did Turkey join in 1952?
What was the name for France under Roman Rule?
What Frenchman was the first Holy Roman Emperor?
Who supposedly said the words "Let Them Eat Cake"?
Marie Antoinette
What was the name for France after the North was conquered by Nazi Germany?
Vichy France
Who was born on Corsica in 1769?
Level 59
Jun 9, 2022
Charlemagne was not French, he was Frankish which were a Germanic tribe. He did not speak French and the language he spoke relates more closely with modern-day Dutch. The Frankish empire only gradually became Frenchified later.