History by Picture - Q

Can you name these historic people, places, and things beginning with Q?
Quiz by WolfCam
Last updated: July 13, 2018
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First submittedJuly 13, 2018
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ruler's title
religious text
U.S. President - middle name
former name of this
writing tool
literary character who lived in here
religious group he founded
Chinese dynasty
prevents malaria
city founded by Champlain in 1608
Chinese city once under German control
accurate clocks using this were invented in 1927
vice president
Level 71
Jul 14, 2018
Good quiz, I went all around Quetzalcoatl without actually spelling it correctly.
Level ∞
Jul 14, 2018
Here's the regex we used: ^Q(U|EU|UE)TZ[A-Z]+C[A-Z]+L

So, if you can interpret that, you'll see that we accept tons of different answers.

Level 77
Jul 20, 2018
I luckily got it the first try, but if I couldn't get it, I was heading to google for the spelling.
Level 87
Apr 7, 2019
I basically know it, but just said pass.
Level 66
Dec 3, 2019
No critique, just my personal version/idea but I would go for : quet(s/z)-t-l . Or something like that, so require the "quet" atleast and not the c in the middle (that sound could in theory come from a q or even k).

Edit: not sure what I ended up typing, but it was accepted, but often are tempted to type quetzequatl (after which I try it with a c and/ or coatl). Anyway I think if you want people to (slowly) start to learn the correct spelling, the best place to start is to have them type atleast the first bit vorrectly ;)

Level 89
Jul 14, 2018
Not sure that particular view of the Hotel Frontenac is really the best depiction of the city it lies in. There are plenty of pictures that could be found showing the hotel at the top of the hill with the lower part of the city below, which would work much better.
Level 81
Jul 15, 2018
There aren't too many Q cities though
Level 65
Sep 6, 2018
I’m not really the expert on the history of Quezon City, so I went with Quebec City
Level 79
Jul 14, 2018
Thank you. Found that challenging. :)
Level 76
Oct 16, 2018
qingzhou, qingzhao, qingmen, qingzing, qingdong...knew it was something like that, just couldn't remember the right ending.
Level 69
Oct 17, 2018
haha! I remembered the first part of Quetzalcoati, then I literally typed a bunch of random keys because I couldn't remember the rest ... and it was accepted. =D
Level 87
Apr 7, 2019
Scrolling down on my phone on the rare oddities in history that start with Q, Dan Quayle rolls into view in all his official portrait glory.
Level 78
Feb 7, 2022
Surprised none of Quisling, Quechua, or quipu made it