Islands by Wikipedia Descriptions

Can you name these islands based on excerpts from their Wikipedia pages?
Some excerpts altered slightly
Quiz by WolfCam
Last updated: January 17, 2020
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Politically, it refers to the whole of England, Scotland and Wales in combination
Great Britain
It split from the Indian subcontinent around 88 million years ago ...
over 90% of its wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth
Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio
The role of the Communist Party is enshrined in the Constitution
The world's second-largest island and the largest wholly or partly in the Southern Hemisphere
New Guinea
Home to about two-thirds of the population of the U.S. state of Hawaii
Officially the Republic of China
The least populated of the boroughs
Staten Island
Connected to Saudi Arabia by the 25-kilometre (16 mi) King Fahd Causeway
It is separated from the mainland (Kowloon Peninsula and New Territories) by Victoria Harbour
Hong Kong
Has four official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin Chinese, and Tamil
Still commonly known as Southern Philippines
They attributed the lack of large mammals such as bears, wolves, jackals, and
poisonous snakes, to the labour of Hercules (who took the live bull to the Peloponnese)
The historical center of Japanese cultural and political power
The 1970s were marked by the Cod Wars—several disputes with the United Kingdom
over the extension of its fishing limits
French: Maurice [mɔʁis, moʁis] ; Creole: Moris [moʁis]
Together with Bonaire and Curaçao, it forms a group referred to as the ABC islands
The site of the city of _______, it is located at the confluence of the
Saint Lawrence and Ottawa rivers
An increase in direct international flights to Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown
has boosted the number of overseas tourists
South Island
Was the setting for the 1986 film The Karate Kid Part II, in which
Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) returns home
Level 77
Jan 14, 2020
Great quiz, got 17/20.
Level 85
Jan 14, 2020
Some people call Steve Miller Mauritius.
Level 89
Jan 14, 2020
Some people call Mauritius the Island of Space Cowboys.
Level 89
Mar 21, 2020
What a Joker.
Level 76
Jan 14, 2020
The (now Chinese) territory of Macau is on a peninsula! And Montreal is the city, the island is Île de Montréal (or, if anglicised, Island of Montreal)
Level 89
Jan 14, 2020
The casinos of Macau are on a connected island, although the name of that is not Macau. And you're right, in Montreal the name of the main island is Montreal.
Level 92
Jan 15, 2020
Macau used to be 3 distinct islands--Macau, Taipa, and Coloane. Due to the process of "reclaiming land," Macau (where the most famous casinos are) has been connected to the mainland. The water between Taipa and Coloane has also been filled in, and the resultant area (CoTai) has become home to a number of new casinos.
Level ∞
Jan 17, 2020
Macau has been changed to Hong Kong, thanks.
Level 93
Jan 16, 2020
Two questions about Japan - quite Japan-centric. Kore ga suki desu! ;)
Level 47
Mar 22, 2020
Level 72
Jan 28, 2020
Could do with more time. I only had a few second left when I got to the final question.
Level 73
Mar 21, 2020
The next to last clue doesn't make sense. Isn't Christchurch located ON the South Island? How does that make international tourism?
Level ∞
Mar 21, 2020
The clue makes perfect sense to me. It's an excerpt from the Wikipedia page.
Level 67
Mar 21, 2020
I read the question as what place has flights TO those cities, just saying.
Level 60
Oct 13, 2021
Last time I checked, all three of the cities mentioned are on the South island.

I don't quite get you problem, the flights are going from outside (probably mostly Australia) TO the airports on South island. Why should they increase tourism on let's say North island? Or the other way around, why should flights to Auckland and Wellington increase tourism to South island?

Level 66
Mar 16, 2021
Only knew Mindanao thanks to La Casa de Papel. So, gracias a el profesor
Level 62
Oct 2, 2021
Of 'the boroughs'...
Level 70
Aug 17, 2022
Shouldn't it be Heracles, since Crete is Greek? The spelling initially had me guessing at non-Greek islands.
Level 66
Aug 17, 2022
Can "Staten Island" have a more descriptive clue? The use of boroughs is incredibly non-specific... r/USDefaultism maybe

(Not that I would have got Staten Island anyway.)

Level 77
Aug 17, 2022
The clue uses the term “the boroughs”, implying that they are famous boroughs. I don’t think any other set of boroughs are so well known. Also, as a counter to the American-centric argument, if it were asking for a country whose regions are composed of cantons, it’s fair to expect people to answer Switzerland even though cantons exist in other places too, right? It’s just that they’re most well known in Switzerland.
Level 34
Aug 21, 2022
London boroughs??? I was very surprised when Kensington wasn't accepted. I didn't know America had boroughs. I think London is more popular than any place in America.
Level 48
Aug 21, 2022
I am too shocked and appalled the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which is not an island, has never been an island, and to the best scientists' understanding does not intend to be an island, was not accepted as an answer choice for "Islands by Wikipedia descriptions". Mind, Staten has nearly four times its population...
Level 68
Aug 18, 2022
How is PNG the second largest island in the world? Both Greenland and Australia are much much bigger.
Level 58
Aug 18, 2022
Papua New Guinea isn't an island. New Guinea is an island.
Level 64
Jan 26, 2023
Actually, both Papua and New Guinea refer to the entire island. 'New Guinea' derives from the first Dutch name for the island, while the etymology of 'Papua' isn't entirely clear, but may come from Malay, Tidorean, or Biak. When the country of Papua New Guinea was named, they just stuck the two names together, a bit like if Sweden was called 'Sverige Sweden', or Japan was called 'Nihon Japan'.
Level 56
Aug 22, 2022
In my old children's encyclopaedia and other books way back in the 80s, Australia was the world's biggest island. Then somewhere along the line it got de-islanded on the "logic" that no continent is an island. A bit like Pluto.

I'm sure there's a quiz waiting to be made about this stuff

Level 76
Dec 10, 2023
There's no official scientific delineation between "island" and "continent," or indeed what "continent" is, exactly. The distinction is entirely cultural. Some places consider Australia an island, some places say it's a continent, some say it's both. The US generally goes with Australia not being an island, and that's the standard on Jetpunk. Without Australia, Greenland is the world's largest island, and New Guinea is second.
Level 57
Dec 16, 2022
it accepts UK for Great Britain - wrong. The "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" ie 2 islands.