The Byzantine Empire Quiz

Name these facts about the Byzantine Empire.
Quiz by WolfCam
Last updated: November 19, 2017
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First submittedNovember 19, 2017
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Other name for the Byzantine Empire
Eastern Roman Empire
Emperor who divided Rome into two empires
Official Language of the Empire
Emperor who brought the empire to the largest size
Wife of the above
Major racing track in the capital
Plague that affected the empire from 541-542
Bubonic Plague
Event that happened because Byzantine Church banned Icons
Great Schism
Religions created because of the above
Eastern Orthodox
Pope during the above events
Pope Leo XI
Who the first Crusade was to get rid of
Seljuk Turks
Great Church built in the Capital
Hagia Sophia
After being conquered, the above became this
Weapon that created a fire that could not be put out
Greek Fire
Currency of the Empire
Riot that happened in the Capital
Nika Revolt
Empire that took North Africa and Middle East from the Byzantines
Islamic Caliphate
People who conquered the Byzantines
Ottoman Turks
Level ∞
Nov 19, 2017
Nice quiz. Maybe accept Black Death for Bubonic Plague? Also, I think that Greek was the primary language of the empire. I know that Justinian was the last emperor to speak Latin as a first language.
Level 65
Nov 19, 2017
Thanks! Black Death is now accepted. Greek was the primary language but Latin was the official language. I changed the clue so it is more clear.
Level 68
Feb 7, 2019
Actually it was Theodosius the Great who finally divided Roman Empire. Constantine divided it between his 3 sons, but after him it was united e.g. by Constantius II, Julian or Theodosius. And the Great Schism wasn't a result of iconoclasm, as it happened about 300 years after first edicts against icons
Level 32
Apr 24, 2020
Actually greek WAS an official language of the Byzantine Empire( after 620 C.E.).

The Great Schism most certainly did not happen because of the Iconoclasm.

Finally "byzant" is a non-existent word, bezants were called the Eastern Roman coins in Western Europe, a more appropriate term for Byzantine coinage would be "Solidus".

Please check your sources!!!!

Level 73
Sep 23, 2020
Schism didn't happen because icons were banned. Iconoclasm was the event.
Level 60
Mar 22, 2022
Yeah, the schism was completely separate from iconoclasm.