Wolfcam's Map Challenge

Answer a question will make a random dot appear on the map. Answer all the questions, then figure out what all the places have in common. Name the pattern AND what each of the dots represents in the comments.
A dot could stand for multiple things. For ex: A dot in London could stand for U.K, Great Britain, London, Big Ben, Thames River, etc.
There ARE extra hidden answers, so answering all the questions will not end the quiz or light up all the dots. This is added so that you cannot just end the quiz and see what the answers would be.
Quiz by WolfCam
Last updated: January 21, 2018
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What is the southernmost country on the Arabian Peninsula?
Which Canadian Province produces the most Maple Syrup?
What is the world's largest landlocked country?
What is the largest country on the Indian Ocean?
What country is located between France and Spain
In which city is the Hermitage Museum?
St Petersburg
What European country begins with "H"?
What city was formerly known as Byzantium?
What city is Mt Vesuvius in?
What island is the city of London on?
Great Britain
What is the capital of Virginia?
In what city was the World's Tallest Building in 1932?
New York City
Which country's people are called Kiwis?
New Zealand
In which country was the Battle of Waterloo?
What is the largest lake in Australia?
Lake Eyre
In which country in Timbuktu?
Who owns the cities of Ceuta and Melilla?
What is the tallest mountain in Ecuador?
Mount Chimborazo
What river flows through Rome?
Tiber River
What sea is Cozumel in?
Caribbean Sea
Level 76
Jan 22, 2018
I'm confused... what do I do after answering the 20 questions?!
Level 66
Jan 22, 2018
Answering all the questions will light up 20 dots. All those locations have something in common. Write the thing they have in common and the place names in the comments.
Level 76
Jan 23, 2018
something unesco related?
Level 66
Jan 26, 2018
Nope, simpler than that
Level 76
Jan 26, 2018
things starting with P? Paris, Perth, Pacific, Palau, Parthenon, Persian, Pakistan, Phoenix, Portland...
Level 66
Jan 26, 2018
You are right, but you have to name what all twenty dots stand for!
Level 76
Jan 27, 2018
Portland, Phoenix, Pacific, Philadelphia, Parana, Port of Spain, Prince Edward Island.

Then Portugal, Paris, Pantheon, Parthenon, Petra, Persian gulf, Pakistan, Panay, Petronas, Puncak Jaya, Perth, Palau.

Don't know about the Turkey one though...

Level 66
Jan 27, 2018
You are right except for Philadelphia, Parthenon and Petra. Think of Physical features for the Turkey one and feel free to use a map.
Level 59
Apr 12, 2018
Portland, Phoenix, Pacific, Parana, Port of Spain, Prince Edward Island. Portugal, Paris, Pantheon, Persian Gulf, Pakistan, Panay, Petronas, Puncak Jaya, Perth, and Palau I got from scambigol (great quizzes by the way) and the correct answers for Philadelphia, Parthenon, and Petra are the Potomac river, the Peloponnese peninsula, and Palestine. The correct answer for the Turkey dot (used Wikipedia) is the Pontic mountains. So the answers are Portland, Phoenix, Pacific, Potomac, Parana, Port of Spain, Prince Edward Island, Portugal, Paris, Pantheon, Peloponnese, Palestine, Persian Gulf, Pakistan, Panay, Petronas, Puncak Jaya, Perth, Palau, and finally the Pontic mountains.
Level 66
Apr 12, 2018
I was thinking Philippines for Panay, but Panay works. Congratulations I will give you and Scambigol credit!
Level 68
Jan 7, 2020
Perhaps a part 2?