WolfCam's Vocabulary

Can you name the definitions for these strange and mystical words?
Quiz by WolfCam
Last updated: January 22, 2020
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1. Kerfuffle
A shade of purple
A commotion or fight
To throw in the incorrect direction
To purposefully deny the existence of
The pairing of Chromosomes in Meiosis
2. Onomatopoeia
A cake or pastry made into the shape of an object
A book which is missing one cover
The space between floors
A word which represents a sound
3. Stertor
The sound of snoring
A brick or block which is slightly larger or smaller than those around it
The flesh which separates your nostrils
Something which appears short, but actually isn't
4. Wabbit
A closet adjacent to a bathroom
Having an unnatural hair color
Extremely tired or exhausted
The space between a door and the floor
5. Defenestrate
To impale
To throw out a window
To insult through the media
To incorrectly remember
6. Simpleton
A bright or colorful piece of clothing
Something which is frustrating or confusing
Something understood by an exclusive audience
A foolish person
7. Widdershins
Small pots used for holding spices
To play a game incorrectly
8. Jentacular
Relating to breakfast
Better than one would expect
Occurring one day before or after it should have
Shaky in a violent way
9. Anachronism
Something which is in a different time period than it should be
A state of appearing to be metal
An ailment or injury which is imagined by the afflicted person
The act of organizing something alphabetically
10. Quire
A feeling of dread resulting from a nightmare
25 sheets of paper
A color which stands out in a painting
A ridiculous question
11. Macrosmatic
Resembling a cloud
Incapable of laughing
Describes something which could not possibly exist
Having a great sense of smell
12. Bumbershoot
An umbrella
Someone who is too old to do something
To make a wrong decision with disastrous consequences
An accent whose origin is impossible to determine
13. Supercilious
Behaving like one is better than someone else
Appearing between lines of text
Relating to a future civilization
14. Serendipity
Unexpected good fortune
Occurring without reason
Describes a shape or figure which is unsettling or creepy
A feeling that you have seen something before
15. Schadenfreude
A false body part
Somebody's favorite color
A feeling of joy from others' misfortune
Something from a dream which appears in real life
16. Absquatulate
To crush or flatten
To leave abruptly
To refuse to make a decision
To use one's voice to replicate an animal's sound
Level 75
Apr 8, 2020
Congrats on getting top 10 Wolfcam!
Level 65
Apr 8, 2020
Thanks! (I didn't even realize until I read this comment)