World Language General Knowledge #4

Can you answer these questions about languages around the world?
Quiz by WolfCam
Last updated: October 2, 2019
First submittedApril 19, 2018
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In which country is Malagasy most spoken?
What is the name for a word that is based off a word from another language?
Pahoehoe and Aa are Hawaiian words and are types of what?
What is the German word for "Please"?
What does ASL stand for?
American Sign Language
In which language is the Quran written?
What is the most spoken language beginning with "K"?
What is the Italian word for twenty?
What does the word "Mardi" mean in English?
What country speaks the most Urdu?
What region of the world is named because all the countries in it speak a Romance Language?
Latin America
Which U.S state has Yupik as one of the most spoken languages?
Suriname speaks what language?
Two of Denmark's minor languages are named for their overseas territories? What are these languages?
San, Santo, and Sao are all translations of what word?
English, Danish, and Swedish all belong to which language family?
What province of Canada speaks a language other than English?
What physical feature is named for the Arabic word for Desert?
What language, beginning with "M", is spoken by many New Zealand natives?
Filipino is very closely related to what other language of the Philippines?
What city's english translation is "Canton"
Level 71
Apr 20, 2018
Interesting quiz, good mixture of facts.
Level 59
Jun 30, 2018
Cool, I always thought Filipino was just the technical English word for Tagalog, in the same way that Farsi is called Persian
Level 24
Aug 26, 2018
Could loanword be accepted as well as derivative? Or is there a difference in that a loanword stays the same and a derivative changes it's form, hence 'based off?
Level 64
Aug 26, 2018
Yes, Loanword is more just a word from another language
Level 74
Apr 27, 2020
I don't think derivatives have to come from other languages. I also think 'calque' fits the clue.
Level 61
Jun 19, 2020
This is the question I found awkwardly phrased. I couldn’t quite understand what you were getting at!
Level 26
Jan 24, 2021
I love your world language general knowledge quizzes. But this one has two questions, which are a bit confusing: How is "Sahara" a physical feature ? And a derivative can commonly come from inside a language - I had "loanword" and "borrowing" as an answer and was surprised these weren't accepted. And for san/santo/sao you might also accept the answer "holy". Still great quizzes - looking forward to more :)
Level 74
Aug 3, 2021
I think WolfCam was mainly pointing out that 'sahara' means 'desert', so in English we call it the 'Desert Desert'. Also, deserts are physical features because they are landforms.
Level 64
Oct 9, 2021
I agree that 'physical feature' is confusing. 'Place' would be a better clue.
Level 53
Jul 18, 2021
oof i tried derivation instead of derivative
Level 62
Aug 28, 2021
Quebec's official language is French, but New Brunswick is officially bilingual English/French, so it sort of counts as an answer.
Level 84
Oct 13, 2021
I don't get the Sahara question
Level 65
Dec 8, 2021
The Quran question is duplicated on one of the other quizzes in this series.
Level 62
Mar 17, 2022
Like others, I disagree with the answer to the second question. I tried loanword, borrowing, and calque, all of which are correct. A derivative is merely a word based on the root of another word - like goodness from good - and doesn't at all imply a borrowing.
Level 58
Mar 26, 2022
Sranan Tongo is also spoken in Suriname