Ultimate Harry Potter Trivia! (Warning: moderately difficult!)

Answer my questions correctly!
Quiz by PotterWookie22
Last updated: September 7, 2016
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First submittedSeptember 6, 2016
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Who is the dark wizard known to be defeated by Albus Dumbledore?
Gellert Grindelwald
What is Albus Dumbledore's full name?
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
What is the first name of Neville Longbottom's mother?
What did Harry see when he looked into the Mirror of Erised? (for the first time)
parents and family
What is the wood and core of Hermione's wand?
Vine and dragon heartstring
Who was the original owner of Ron's first wand?
Charlie Weasley
Who was the Basilisk's first victim in the year 1992?
Mrs. Norris
What is Ginny Weasley's patronus?
What is the main difference between Professor Binns and the other Hogwarts teachers?
How did Harry find out that Filch was a squib?
found his Kwikspell letter
What is the length in inches of Harry's Wand?
What shop did Harry end up in after his Floo Powder mishap in Chamber of Secrets?
Borgin and Burke's
What creatures pull the carriages at Hogwarts?
What is Ron's favorite Quidditch team?
Chudley Cannons
What did Voldemort say right before Cedric's murder?
"Kill the Spare"
Level 93
Sep 6, 2016
i knew all the answers but it was really hard to correctly guess your exact wording, so either simplify your answers/questions, or add extra answers that will be accepted. Also, it's spelled Gellert (ert, not art) Grindelwald.
Level 43
Sep 7, 2016
Level 17
Sep 7, 2016
Thanks for the feedback! I took you advice, and the updated quiz will be live soon.
Level 17
Sep 7, 2016
Thanks for the feedback, deannhale! I took your advice, and the updated quiz will be live soon.
Level 46
Apr 8, 2018
Accept grindelwald for question 1. Accept parents/lily and james/james and lily/his parents for question 4. Accept charlie for question 6, accept kwikspell letter for question 10.
Level 33
Aug 27, 2022
Can you just accept - parents. I knew most of the answers but it’s hard to guess your correct wording.