Decisive Battles in History

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1805, Napoleon I smashes the combined Austrian and Russian army near Vienna, in a show of extreme military prowess
Battle of Austerlitz
1942 - 1943, Turning point of WWII on the Russian Front, the most hard-fought city in the war
Battle of Stalingrad
480 BCE, 300 Spartans die defending a mountain pass from the invading Persians
Battle of Thermopylae
1854, British and French cavalry charge at Russian artillery in Crimea, only to be promptly shot down.
Battle of Balaclava
1775, A British army captures the French colonial capital, ousting the French from North America
Siege of Quebec
1071, The Byzantine army is smashed by the Seljuk Turks, ending Byzantine rule in Asia Minor
Battle of Manzikert
53 BCE, Crassus is killed and his legions are defeated by Parthian horse archers
Battle of Carrhae
1798, Napoleon's defining victory in Egypt over the Mamluks, before he is forced to flee
Battle of the Pyramids
1529, Turks besiege Austria capital, threatening Europe from the east
Siege of Vienna
1571, Christian combined fleet defeats Turkish fleet, temporarily stopping Ottoman ambitions
Battle of Lepanto
333 BCE, Alexander III's second great victory over Persia, in southern Anatolia
Battle of Issus
1815, the last of Napoleon Bonaparte's victories, in Belgium
Battle of Ligny
1066, Harold Godwinson, king of the Saxons defeats Norwegian invasion led by Harald Hardrada
Battle of Stamford Bridge
378, Eastern Roman Emperor Valens is outflanked by the Visigothic cavalry, thus ending the domination of heavy infantry in battle
Battle of Adrianople
1485, the War of the Roses is concluded with Henry VII's victory over Richard III
Battle of Bosworth Field
1632, the Swedish victory in Germany has Gustaphus Adophus II killed, in the Thirty Years War
Battle of Lutzen
circa 13th century BCE, in mythology, this city's destruction is believed to have been caused by the kidnapping of Helen of Sparta
Siege of Troy
1274 BCE, one of the first recorded battle in history, between Egypt and the Hittites
Battle of Kadesh
1950, UN forces land at a strategic North Korea port, forcing North Koreans to retreat
Landing at Inchon
326 BCE, Alexander's final great battle in his conquests before his army rebels
Battle of Hydaspes River
1453, the Byzantine walls are finally penetrated by Ottoman Turks, after a thousand years of resistance
Siege of Constantinople
1627, Cardinal de Richelieu captures the key Huguenot stronghold in Western France
Siege of La Rochelle
1187, the dehydrated Crusader army is lured to the Sea of Galilee, where they are promptly destroyed by Saladin's army
Battle of Hattin
1815, Napoleon I's final defeat, 100 days after he returns from Elba. Napoleon's army collapses after Prussian reinforcements arrive.
Battle of Waterloo
1812, Napoleon attempts to destroy the Russian army and force a surrender, but Alexander I did not surrender, and Napoleon had to retreat
Battle of Borodino
1813, After his return from Russia, Napoleon's fresh army attempts to fight the Sixth Coalition, before he is forced to abdicate for the first time
Battle of Leipzig
1863, the decisive battle of the American Civil War, where Robert E. Lee failed to win a victory on Union soil.
Battle of Gettysburg
1916, British commander Douglas Haig attempts to soften the German attack on Verdun by mounting an offensive of his own. Armored vehicles were first used in combat in this battle.
Battle of the Somme
1914, the thundering German advance onto Paris is halted for the first time at this river.
First Battle of the Marne
1961, Cuban immigrants from the U.S. are trained and sent to land in Cuba and oust Fidel Castro, in this failed invasion.
Bay of Pigs Invasion
1704, Marlborough saves Austria, and defeats the Franco-Bavarian army in the War of the Spanish Succession
Battle of Blenheim
1592, the Korean fleet led by Admiral Yi defeated the Japanese fleet, thus obligating the Japanes to retreat from Korea
Battle of Sacheon
1396, the final crusade in the Middle Ages resulted in an easy victory for the Ottomans at this battle
Battle of Nicopolis
102 BCE, Gaius Marius demostrates the power of a professional army drawn from the lower class, by defeating a Teutonic army in southern Gaul.
Battle of Aquae Sextiae
331 BCE, Alexander III outflanks Darius III's army, ending the Achaemenid Empire
Battle of Gaugamela
1968, Ho Chi Minh decides to begin an all-out offensive against the US forces in Vietnam, during this event's namesake holiday
The Tet Offensive
31 BCE, the final battle of the Wars of the Roman Republic, where Octavian defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra at sea.
Battle of Actium
1945, the Red Army fought street by street through the capital of the defeated Third Reich
Battle of Berlin
1943, the greatest tank battle in WWII is fought near this Russian town
Battle of Kursk
1757, Frederick the Great of Prussia crushes the Hapsburgs and French in Saxony during the middle of the Seven Years' War
Battle of Rossbach
1916, only major naval battle in WWI, last one to not use aircraft
Battle of Jutland
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Great quiz!
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Jan 27, 2021
You should add why the siege of Vienna was decisive. The Ottoman's loss there halted their attempts at conquering western Europe (unless you count Greece which I don't for geographic reasons). It also marked the beginning of a downward trend for the Ottoman empire.