Hardest 13 Reasons Why Quiz

A hard quiz for true 13 reasons why fans.
Quiz by asdrobinson01
Last updated: May 9, 2017
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First submittedMay 8, 2017
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Who is the fourth person on the tapes?
Tyler Down
Who was Hannah's only real friend?
What class were they in when Hannahs picture was sent around to everyone?
Communications Class
Who was in critical condition after a gunshot to the head?
Alex Standall
Where did Alex, Jessica and Hannah meet for coffee?
Where did the characters attend school?
Liberty High School
Who beat up Clay in order to get a confession?
Bryce Walker
What was Tyler packing into a box towards the end of the season?
What did Sheri knock down resulting in the death of Jeff?
Stop Sign
Who was Hannah's dollar valentine?
Marcus Cooley
Who was she hoping to get?
Clay Jensen
What was the nickname given to Clay by Hannah?
What did Clay steal from Tony in order to listen to the tapes
What song did Hannah and Clay dance to?
The night we met
Who bashed Alex?
What did Alex do to be one of the reasons why?
He made a list about the features of girls at his school.
Who is Hannah's mum?
Olivia Baker
Who is Hannah's dad?
Andrew Baker
What words did Clay key on Zach Dempsey's car?
Why me?
Who are the two rape victims of Bryce
Jessica Davis and Hannah Baker
When Jessica slaps Hannah, what does she accuse her of?
Stealing her man
What is the name of the store that Olivia and Andy own?
Bakers Drug Store
What new store opens resulting in a loss of customers?
Where did Bryce rape Hannah?
In the hot tub at Bryce's house
What did Tony give Hannah's parents at the end of the season?
What is the Crestmont?
A movie theatre
How long had Hannah been working there prior to Clay?
3 Weeks
Who does Jessica date for the majority of the season?
Justin Foley
Who is the celebrity that is one of the producers?
Selena Gomez
What Park did Justin and Hannah go to?
Eisenhower Park
What did they do there?
The numbers on the tape are painted with blue what?
Nail Polish
What did Hannah and the people that listened to Tyler's tape do?
Threw a rock into his window
Who helps Hannah figure out who was stalking her?
Courtney Crimson
Who is the last person on the tapes?
Mr Porter
How does she kill herself
She slit her wrist
Who is the author of the book
Jay Asher
What is the name of the store that Hannah went to get her chocolate bar?
Blue Spot Liquor
How often did Hannah go there?
What to Jessica, Hannah and Alex say when they put their hands together in the middle of the table?
What car does Zach Demspsey drive?
What is the first line of Hannah Baker's poem?
Today i am wearing lacy black underwear
Who is the communications class teacher?
Mrs Bradley
Level 70
May 8, 2017
Level 8
Aug 16, 2017
This is a fantastic quiz and an even better show. Keep up the good work robinson. i am a big fan. ;)


Level 60
Jan 25, 2018
Good quiz, but some answers need to be a bit too specific