World Countries Logic Puzzle

Solve the logic puzzle using 50 countries from across the world.
For number 1, what country used to have the capital “Melekeok”?
Input the awnser from the order of 1, then 2, then 3, and so on.
Quiz by CapitalsIsMyGoal
Last updated: March 13, 2024
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Palau: This country is the only country without an official capital.
Nauru: This country is an asian, double landlocked country.
Uzbekistan: Go back to Nauru, what if it was european?
Liechtenstein: What is the southern country that is landlocked by Italy?
Vatican City: Go back to Liechtenstein, what if its the northern country?
San Marino: What is the african country with a de-facto capital?
Benin: What is the country with 3 capitals?
South Africa: What is the country that is landlocked inside of this country?
Lesotho: What is the other country that is landlocked, but borders Mozambique?
Eswatini: Which country has a capital that sounds like the capital of Mozambique?
Marshall Islands: Which country has a capital that sounds like the capital of South Sudan?
Fiji: This is the only country in Oceania that goes from east to west in a normal world map.
Kiribati: Which country owns Cook Island?
New Zealand: This country has a water brand named after it.
Fiji: What is the youngest country yet?
South Sudan: What country adds a “w” in Jamaica’s capital in their capital?
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Which country has the longest capital name?
Sri Lanka: Go back to Liechtenstein, what is the country said?
Italy: This country used to be “Prussia”.
Germany: What is the second country to border Denmark?
Canada: What is the other country on Hans Island?
Denmark: What is the country that borders North Sudan, and borders South Sudan too?
Sudan: Go back to Denmark, what if they border Libya instead of South Sudan?
Egypt: What is the country that is not in the world capitals quiz, the world countries quiz, or the world flags quiz?
Palestine: What is the smallest country to border France?
Monaco: By technicality, what is the biggest country to border France?
Brazil: What is the other country to border France in South America?
Suriname: What country is closest to UK in South America?
Argentina: What is the only country to border UK?
Ireland: By a single island, which country does Bahrain border?
Saudi Arabia: Which country borders this country, which also has an island with special trees?
Yemen: What is the other bordering country of Saudi Arabia which is also the other country that only starts with a specific letter?
Oman: Which country has a similar flag to Bahrain?
Qatar: Which asian country has a capital that starts with Y?
Armenia: What country has the longest capital to start with Y?
Ivory Coast: In europe, this is the only non-nordic country to not have any bordering countries.
Malta: What is the closest island country to this country?
Cyprus: Who owns Northern Cyprus?
Turkey: Which country has so much debt that it reaches Neptune when you stack it in pennies?
USA: What country in Central America has their capital just using their country name then adding “City” at the end, as well as bordering one of the 3 biggest countries in North America?
Guatemala: What is the country with the most similar capital name to the capital of Haiti?
Trinidad and Tobago: What is the country that has the country “Oman” in its name?
Romania: What country has a flag that looks like Micronesia?
Somalia: What is the african country that was never colonized, and also inspired almost every other country flag?
Ethiopia: What is the country that borders Malaysia which capital sounds bad when pronounced?
Thailand: What is the 4th country that has a capital starting with Y and also not been typed yet?
Cameroon: What is the country with a capital name similar to the capital name of Bangladesh?
Senegal: Which country only borders this country?
Gambia: Out of both of the Guinea countries, which one does not have their capital name in their country name?
Guinea: Good job, you won!
Level 77
Mar 3, 2024
Abuja sounds like Juba?? Suva is a better bet.
Level 48
Mar 5, 2024
Its been changed, the awnser is now Fiji.
Level 61
Mar 12, 2024
panama's capital is panama city which would also work for guatemala
Level 48
Mar 13, 2024
Changed the question so panama cannot be an awnser