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11,0212024-05-31Current US Senators by Picture
3,9802024-07-21Random Representatives of Congress by Picture
2,3192024-07-21Current Members of the House of Representatives by Picture
1,8212023-11-02Nobel Prize in Literature Winners
1,4502024-02-13Current Governors of the United States by Picture
8702024-06-24Random Senators by Picture
5092023-08-31Oldest Countries in the World
3282024-04-22Oscar for Best Original Score
2582024-04-22Oscar for Best Actor Films
2472024-03-10Oscar for Best Visual Effects
1902024-04-22Oscar for Best Actress Films
1822024-03-10One Word Oscar-Winning Films
1802024-03-10Oscar for Best Costume Design
1742024-03-10Oscar for Best Cinematography
1502024-04-22Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling
1352024-04-22Oscar for Best Supporting Actor Films
1332024-03-10Oscar for Best Production Design
1202024-07-23Oscar for Best Film Editing
982023-05-23Oscar for Best Sound Editing
962024-03-10Oscar for Best Sound
932024-04-22Oscar for Best Supporting Actress Films
642024-04-22Oscar for Best Director Films
572024-02-13Random Governors by Picture
532024-04-22Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay
472024-02-24Real People as Oscar-Winning Roles
432023-09-05National Parks by Picture
372024-04-22Oscar for Best Original Screenplay
332024-05-08Every Preceding Representative by Picture
322024-01-05Leadership of the House of Representatives
312024-06-24Oscar for Best International Feature Films
302024-03-10Most Academy Awards by Ceremony
262024-05-16Oscar Winning Films of the 2010's
202024-05-16Oscar Winning Films of the 2020's
192024-05-30First Names of Congress
172021-04-09State Capitols by Picture
82024-07-21Freshman Class of the 118th Congress
22024-07-21Members of the House Freedom Caucus