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1602024-05-1325 Togos in 15 Seconds
682024-03-27The Easiest Quiz in the World!
632024-04-06Bones of the Skeleton (Scientific Names)
542024-04-07Type the First Letter
482024-03-21Countries missing a letter
482024-03-18Spell the Democratic Republic of the Congo
452024-04-01Capitals Missing a Letter
422024-03-21Roman Numerals to Numbers
422024-03-14Geography Questions of Increasing Difficulty
422024-05-04Countries by Last Four Letters
402024-03-17Guess the Country by Shape or Flag - Randomized
392024-05-04Countries of Europe in Alphabetical Order
372024-03-29Random Fast Type Letters
362024-04-14The Easiest Quiz in the World AGAIN!
352024-04-04Random Fast Typing - Most Common Words
342024-05-19Basic Knowledge of the United States
332024-03-28Geography True or False - Click Quiz
302024-04-17Just a Click Quiz
292024-03-21Speedy Simon Says
272024-05-05Countries of Oceania in Alphabetical Order
272024-03-15Countries with a Unique First or Last Letter
272024-04-09Choose the Capital by the Given Country
262024-05-01Click the Correct Letter
262024-04-23Click the Correctly Spelt Country Names
252024-05-04Shortest Type-Ins for Countries
252024-03-27Memory Test - Click Quiz
242024-04-27Fill in the Blank
242024-04-19Every Periodic Table Elements to Abbreviation
242024-03-16Which Country Borders - Map Quiz
222024-03-30Color by Image
222024-05-04Countries of America in Alphabetical Order
222024-03-23Choose the Correct Number - Click Quiz
202024-04-02Tile Select - SPEEDRUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
202024-05-02Pure Luck - Map Quiz
192024-04-10Just a Text Quiz
182024-04-16Quick Click - Tile Select
182024-03-23Select all borders of #2
172024-04-12Random Fast Typing - Country Names Backwards
172024-04-30Just a Picture Quiz
162024-04-29Increasingly Harder Number Questions
152024-05-17Hard True or False Quiz
152024-04-21Random Quick Click - Divisors
152024-03-14Select all Borders of
152024-03-26Name Bordering Countries by Flag
142024-03-26Horizontal Tri-Color Flags by Colors
142024-04-15Don't Play This Quiz
142024-03-21Elements to Abbreviation
142024-03-19Select all Numbers Edition
132024-04-03Click the Opposite Speedrun
122024-03-26Vertical Tri-Color Flags by Color
122024-03-28All Star Countries - Map Quiz
112024-05-14Countries Bordering Georgia
112024-05-18Type "A" Quiz
112024-03-22Random Scrambled State Capital
112024-03-27Tile Select - An Unknown Error
102024-05-05Name the Capitals of South Africa
102024-04-27Type Gibberish
92024-04-12Just a Tile Quiz
72024-05-08Slow Typing - Countries of the World Quiz
72024-05-22Filler Quiz
72024-05-14Countries Bordering Zimbabwe
62024-04-09Type the Alphabet Backwards 3 Times
62024-05-05All Words on JetPunk Word Search #172
62024-04-26Number of Borders Quiz
52024-05-24Colors That end in -urple
52024-05-24Where is This?
52024-04-03Good Morning USA Lyrics
42024-05-13Just a Multiple Choice Quiz
22024-04-07User Quizmaker Rankings Quiz
12024-05-10Letters Removed From the Alphabet