Alexander Hamilton Trivia

Quiz by EmilyA
Last updated: October 7, 2016
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Name of mother
Rachel Faucette
Name of Father
James Hamilton
Brother's name
James Hamilton
Charlestown, Nevis
First Political Works
The Farmer Refuted
Which militia was he a member of?
The Hearts of Oak
John Laurens
French BFF
Marquis de Lafayette
BFF/look alike/maybe brother
Edward Stevens
Alma Mater
King's College
Famous biographer
Ron Chernow
How many battalions did he command at Yorktown?
What did he ask his soldiers to do?
Which of his friends spied on the British?
What happens when you knock Hercules Mulligan down?
He gets the f*** back up again
How many Federalist papers were there?
How many did Hamilton write
Who did he write them with?
John Jay and James Madison
Defendant in first murder case
Levi Weeks
Who worked next door to Hamilton's law office?
Wife's name
Elizabeth Schuyler
Number of children
When did he and Schuyler marry?
Father in law
Philip Schuyler
Prominent sister in law
Angelica Schuyler
Other sister in law
Peggy Schuyler
Position in Washington's administration
Secretary of the Treasury
Name of mistress
Maria Reynolds
Her husband's name
James Reynolds
Who confronted Hamilton about the affair?
James Monroe
How long did the affair last?
9 months
What was his first son's name?
Philip Hamilton
Who was the above shot by?
George Eacker
How old was Phillip when he died?
Who did Hamilton endorse in the election of 1800?
Thomas Jefferson
What did he call Eliza in his last letter?
Best of Wives and Best of Women
Where did the duel take place?
Who was his second?
Nathaniel Pendleton
Who was Burr's second?
William P. Van Ness
Who shot first?
Where did the bullet hit Hamilton?
Right between his ribs
Where did it become lodged?
Second lumbar vertebrae
Who was the damn fool that shot him?
Aaron Burr
Where is he buried?
Trinity Churchyard
Who is he buried with?
Elizabeth Schuyler
Who is he buried near?
Angelica Schuyler
Which dollar bill is he on?
Who modelled his bust?
Giuseppe Ceracchi
Which year was he on the US postal stamp?
Which terrace of the Treasury Building is his statue on?
South Terrace
What material is the Central Park statue sculpted from?
Who commisioned it?
John Church Hamilton
Who wrote and starred in a musical about his life?
Lin Manuel Miranda
What was the name of said musical?
Hamilton: An American Musical
What are the opening notes to the musical?
F sharp
Level 52
Oct 10, 2016
This quiz is much too easy, probably the easiest on Jetpunk. everybody knows what that statue is made of and where that bullet became lodged
Level 46
Jul 8, 2018
Just a few things:

I know why you asterisked out what happens when you knock Mulligan down, but could you accept it without the asterisks?

Also, with the soldiers one, would you consider accepting "take the bullets out your guns" or "take the bullets out of their guns" so that it's slightly easier to get?

Also, I spent a lot of time struggling to get the quiz to accept Eliza before remembering her full name was elizabeth, is it possible to accept both?

It was a super fun and interesting quiz though, and I like that it had easy and challenging elements.

Level 60
Oct 21, 2020
Yeah, the spelling killed me. I missed "TAKE THE BULLETS OUT YO GUNS" also, couldn't get it to accept Eliza either, and misspelled "Eaker" (that one was my fault). But I'm not sure how anyone would get "Who shot first?". I kept trying, "the gun".

Oh, and you didn't need to type the asterisks.

Level 74
Sep 12, 2019
I think some spelling alternatives need to be accepted. In the one question you spell his son's name "Phillip" with two L's but you don't accept that spelling as an answer for "What is his first son's name?" I missed at least 10 answers because of spelling or not being specific enough
Level 32
Mar 20, 2022
Some of these answers are very silly. 'Who shot first'? If you meant the duel he died in, him. The answer would never in a million years be 'God knows', it is not amusing.