Very Important People of the 20th Century

Those people were very important in the history of the 20th century. You should know them
If someone very important is missing, please let me know
Quiz by Gossguy
Last updated: August 5, 2020
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Leader of the Russian Revolution
Vladimir Lenin
His assassination started WWI
Franz Ferdinand
German Führer
Adolf Hitler
Soviet Leader 1927-1953
Joseph Stalin
Soviet Leader 1985-1991
Mikhail Gorbachev
American President, assassinated in 1963
John F. Kennedy
American President during WWII
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Albert Einstein
American President at the end of WWII
Harry S . Truman
King of Rock n' Roll
Elvis Presley
Famous British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill
"I have a dream"
Martin Luther King Jr.
Ended the apartheid in South Africa
Nelson Mandela
Non-violent Indian rebel
Mohandas Gandhi
Pope 1978-2005
John Paul II
American President 1953-1961
Dwight Eisenhower
American President 1981-1989
Ronald Reagan
American President during WWI
Woodrow Wilson
Famous French General who fought WWII
Charles de Gaulle
First Female PM of the UK
Margaret Thatcher
First Minister President of India
Jawaharlal Nehru
First Russian President after 1991
Boris Yeltsin
JFKs successor
Lyndon Johnson
Famous Argentinian First Lady (there's also a musical)
Eva Peron
Cuban Leader
Fidel Castro
Civil rights leader for muslims
Malcolm X
Nun who was declared to be a saint by Pope Francis
Mother Teresa
Refused to give up her bus seat
Rosa Parks
Royal Family member who died in a car accident
Princess Diana
Invented the AC
Nikola Tesla
Discovered radiocativity
Marie Curie
Discovered penicillin
Alexander Fleming
Physicist known for his artificial voice
Stephen Hawking
Painter known for "Guernica", "The Old Guitarist"...
Pablo Picasso
Infamous Chicago Gangster
Al Capone
Painter known for "The Persistence of Memory", "The Burning Giraffe"
Salvador Dali
Present queen of england
Elizabeth II
Impeached because of Watergate affair
Richard Nixon
Known for being an actress, a sex symbol, one of the Presidents affaires...
Marilyn Monroe
A small step for a man...
Neil Armstrong
Apple founder
Steve Jobs
Microsoft founder
Bill Gates
Italian duce
Benito Mussolini
Wrote "1984"
George Orwell
City Lights, The Kid, the Great Dictator...
Charles Chaplin
Creator of Mickey Mouse
Walt Disney
Austrian psychologist
Sigmund Freud
Leader of the Cuban Revolution
Che Guevara
First man to climb Mount Everest
Edmund Hillary
Pilot who disappeared somewhere in the Pacific Ocean
Amelia Earhart
Chinese Leader
Mao Zedong
US-Secretary of Defense during Vietnam War
Robert McNamara
Vietnamese Leader
Ho Chi Minh
Level 78
May 24, 2019
Sovjet? Microsodt? Good quiz though.
Level 73
Jan 27, 2020
Nixon wasn't impeached. He resigned because he knew he would be impeached.
Level 63
Jan 27, 2020
From what I know, there was an impeachment
Level 72
Aug 3, 2020
Correct spellings are 'penicillin' and 'affair'. Stephen Hawking studied physics and therefore he is correctly referred to as a physicist not a physician. Physician usually refers to a doctor. Please change this, it makes the question confusing.
Level 63
Aug 5, 2020
thanks for the corrections. It took me a long time for me to realize the difference between physician and physicist. I've always confused these two terms.